Control of Flamia Island

Aleph's Manouvers #2


Another training manouvers ran by Aleph forces. This time, small force led by Machaon faced the slightly bigger one led by Eudoros.

I’ve decided to try my single-combat-group army, and field Krakot Renegade, the model I won during the last tournament in Gentleman’s Club.

Eudoros proved to be a bit more skilled tactician and won the initiative, chosing the deployment zone and making me deploy first.

I chose to go first (after some thinking, going second seemed quite tempting). My first turn was quite lame, as I’ve managed to destroy only two netrodes. Jakub’s turn one went much better… For me, as I’ve managed to destroy Zarin Rebot with my Agema, thanks to some lucky rolls.

Second turn went much better, as Ajax made his long run, killing Proxy II, Eudoros and final Netrode, ending in Suppresive Fire. Chandra moved to the centre and clicked the antenna in my deployment, and Dasyu Hacker clicked the middle one. Then, hacking attempt on Ajax made him drop Suppresive Fire to perform reset, which was successful.

Turn three began with my Krakot being shot by Naga, but before his last breath, he managed to fire his chain rifle, killing his oponent. Then, Ajax moved forward, and Dasyu clicked the final antenna. I had to make three coordinated orders to make both Ajax and Dasyu safely do their job, as both were in Jakub’s Chandra’s hacking range. Then, the enemy Dasyu appeared in the centre, and ran to click the antenna. He did it, but died in the process. Then, all what was left of enemy forces moved towards the closest antenna, using coordinated order. Good for me, I managed to kill them all in aro, preventing their access to the objective. Ajax performed dodge, which put him in good position to secure HVT, but then, the Naga shot him with his boarding shotgun. All in all, I’ve managed to secure two antennas, gaining 6 points, Jakub secured one, and completed his classified objective, which gave him 4 points.

Aleph's Manouvers #2Aleph's Manouvers #2Aleph's Manouvers #2Aleph's Manouvers #2Aleph's Manouvers #2

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