Control of Flamia Island

Caught between Scylla and Charybdis (Supremacy)

Alex Benton
VS PanOceania

Back in action after the debacle in Tiānxiàn Astroport City earlier in the week, Father Officer Gabriel De Fersen is tasked with making a push into the heavily contested Narooma Hospital Complex. Little does he realise that his recon company is about to encounter the same detachment of ALEPH’s Assault Sub Section that turned them out of the Astroport only days before.

-Personality runtime excerpt for future codification-
— Lhost #24601 Model:Nesaie/Alke Runtime 4.21 Serial #2077 —

Nesaie slumped to the floor, smearing blood down the wall of the diagnostic suite. The impact of the two spitfire rounds from the PanOceanian robot had thrown her bodily clear six feet across the room – but this was still not far enough that her flaming red hair didn’t crisp and sizzle as the accompanying Auxbot belched flaming death through the door to engulf her two companions.

The few moments she had to consider her mistake – in underestimating the speed and range of the enemy’s mechanised units – seemed to stretch into an eternity of cold, dark regret. Consciousness flowed out of her like so much blood.

Just before she expected to see the end, she saw instead Thrasymedes looming over her – his beard seared off a grim face set with concern. His optical disruptor flickered impotently – clearly the mimetic fabric was torched and next to useless. Her eyes rolled ineffectually as she lost focus, before resolving the image of her other squadmate – Dio – he was fumbling through his medpack for the necessaries to save her life. Inartfully, he hauled her forward and packed out the gaping hole in her back with cauterising gel. Then he jabbed a rapid infuser into her arm, sending a cocktail of drugs and a substantial quantity of artificial blood coursing through her veins. The agony was instantaneous and indescribable, but it snapped her immediately back from the brink.

It was at about this time that the Alké aspect of her personality took over her higher functions, and her body jolted upright, spewing curses at almost the same rate as her spitfire threw out slugs.

-Excerpt Ends-

Sorry folks, there are no pics of this battle – although I have managed to find a picture of the table layout. This is taken from the PanO perspective as we played it. It was the 3rd in my ITS tournament at the weekend, and we were too busy playing to stop and snap photos. The unfortunate PanOwner ended up facing me again in the last round. We both had the advantage of knowing each others army lists from our last game, but he had sneakily changed his Lieutenant to De Fersen!

ALEPH wins the lieutenant roll and opts to take deployment. PanO opts to go second.

The battlefield is bisected by a diagonal road cutting from near left to far right from the ALEPH perspective. On the ALEPH side of the road, a Large helipad is attached to the building central to the table by a walkway. In the far left corner, PanO have a 2-tier building but unfortunately their lines of fire are largely broken by intervening buildings and billboards. They only have good view of the two right hand quadrants on the table.

PanO deploys their Clipper Dronbot and Sierra Dronbot on the tall building and at the head of the road respectively, both in cover. The Fusilier Hacker and the Warcor are deployed hiding with the Sierra on the far right. A Palbot is attached to the machinist and deploys next to the Sierra. The Fusilier and Machinist hide with the Sierra, prone and out of sight. De Fersen and the Hospitaller Doctor start centrally, poised to take the left and right hand sides of the table respectively. The Peacemaker is held back, and the Crocman starts in hidden deployment.

ALEPH deploys their Samekh Rebot in total cover on the far right. The Zayin is poised to advance on the right, facing off against the Sierra Dronbot. Alke and her link team start inside a building adjacent to the road, overlooking their closest quadrant through an open door. The Daleth starts centrally ready to advance in either direction, as do Scylla and her Devabots, Acmon and his team.

The Peacemaker is placed on the left in total cover, roughly opposite the building containing Alke, Thrasymedes and the Paramedic.

PanO spends a command token to reduce ALEPH’s main order pool by 2.

Turn 1
ALEPH immediately deploys two Chain Rifle Ekdromoi using airborne infiltration. One each is deployed on the far left and right of the table. One is roughly central and in line with the Peacemaker on the left hand side. The other is on the far right table edge, deployed behind the building which the Hacker and Sierra are using for cover at the far end of the road.
The right hand Ekdromoi pushes up to the corner of the building and uses his chain rifle on the Fusilier Hacker. He makes his dodge roll and dodges inside the building. The Ekdromoi pushes further round the corner and uses his chain rifle again, hitting the Palbot and Sierra Dronbot. He knocks the Sierra and Palbot out, but falls unconscious to the Sierra’s reaction fire.
Scylla enhances the Zayin rebot with Assisted Targetting supportware. The Daleth rebot pushes up to a point where it dominates the near-left quadrant but is close to central to the table, and uses its Sensor – successfully revealing the Crocman forward observe who is poised behind the Helipad, and looks ready to leap onto the two right hand consoles. The Daleth then uses its EVO-enhanced Sat-lock and succesffully targets the Crocman.
The Samekh rebot launches two missiles. The first is U-turned by De Fersen and misses (on a 19 vs 15). The second is u-turned by both PanO hackers and misses (also on a 19 vs 12). Alke decides not to waste any more time on the missile launcher, and instead orders Scylla and her Devabots to advance and dominate the near-right quadrant. One of her Devabots moves over the walkway between the helipad and attached building and flames the Crocman. He makes his armour save, but his TO camo is disabled and he dodges out of line of fire.
Acmon and his team advance up a back street towards the near-left quadrant.

PanO starts their first turn by moving the Peacemaker out of cover and towards Alke and co. in their building. Whilst the door is open and it allows the Thorakitai to respond with reaction fire, it also allows the G:synch bot with the peacemaker to flame the occupants of the building. It covers all except Alke. The Peacemaker puts its spitfire shots, 2 each onto the Daleth and Alke.
In response, Thrasymedes shoots his rocket launcher twice at the Peacemaker. The Thorakitai Paramedic shoots his submachinegun twice at the G:synch bot. Alke shoots her spitfire twice at the Peacemaker. The Daleth fires one combi rifle round back at the Peacemaker. The Dactyl doctor fires two combi rifle rounds at the peacemaker, and Acmon and the Dactyl Engineer unload their Panzerfaust and Flammenspeer respectively into the Peacemaker.

Alke falls unconscious. Thrasymedes and the Paramedic are burned and fall back but both make their armour saves. The peacemaker is obliterated by the combined fire, but the G:synch robot remains on the table. The Daleth rebot is disabled.

De Fersen pushes up and manages to enable the further left-hand console, also dominating that quadrant. The Hospitaller pushes forward on the right and dominates the far left console. The crocman shoots and destroys the Devabot that flamed him previously, whilst making his armour save vs. the flamethrower. He then places a mine and steps back into cover.

Turn one ends with ALEPH dominating the nearest two quadrants, with no consoles. PanO holds the furthest two quadrants and one console. 3-1 to PanO

Turn 2
ALEPH starts in loss of lieutenant, but collect themselves. The Thorakitai Paramedic miraculously picks Alke up off the floor. Thrasymedes advances out of the building and puts two rocket launcher rounds onto the Hospitaller, but one shot misses and the other is cancelled by reaction fire.
The remaining Ekdromos advances on De Fersen and manages to wound him once with a chain rifle, forcing him back into the cover of a building. He then knocks the Father Knight unconscious with another shot through the window. The Ekdromos now dominates the far-left quadrant.
The EVO repeater advances to help dominate the nearest left quadrant
On the right, Scylla sends her Devabot up to trigger the mine, which it survives. She successfully dodges a long shot from the Clipper dronbot on the way. Her Devabot then flames the Hospitaller, who misses the Devabot in reaction fire but unfortunately makes his armour save. Scylla and the Hospitaller are now separated only by the Helipad.
ALEPH converts a Acmon’s order to regular in order to have Scylla hack the Hospitaller immobile, which is successful.
The Dactyl engineer advances and successfully repairs the Daleth rebot.
The Dactyl doctor advances into a position with cover, ready to engage the croc-man on the next turn.
The Zayin rebot advances to dominate the far-right quadrant – the Warcor attempts to flash-pulse but is cut down by HMG fire from the robot.

PanO’s turn 2 is short but shows they still have teeth; even though with De Fersen disabled they are also now in loss of lieutenant. The fusilier hacker advances down the table edge and gets into a position to engage Scylla with its combi rifle. The Hospitaller succesffully resets. The croc-man, covered on both sides has his order converted to regular so that the clipper dronbot can move into a good firing position to shoot the exposed Evo repeater. It successfully dodges the shot, moving away from the nearby building containing Alke and her squad (to prevent blast from hitting them when…) inevitably the Clipper fires another shot and disables the EVO repeater.

Turn 2 ends with ALEPH holding a console and dominating 3 of the 4 quadrants.

Turn 3 begins with ALEPH reinstating their two link teams.
The Daleth rebot moves and takes control of the near-left console, but is knocked out by reaction fire from the Clipper. The Dactyl doctor takes command of its link team and moves up, succesffully gluing the Crocman immobile with its adhesive launcher.
Scylla activates and manages to flame the Hospitaller to death, but is gunned down as she advances towards the far-right console, by reactive fire from the Fusilier hacker.
The Zayin rebot destroys the fusilier hacker with a barrage of HMG fire.

Thrasymedes and his team advance on the left and he obliterates the Clipper and Fusilier with three shots from his light rocket launcher.

The Ekdromos uses the last two orders of the game to move back and chain-rifle the immobilised croc-man to death.

Turn 3 starts with PanO’s remaining model (the Machinist) in retreat. The game ends. 8-3 to ALEPH.

My surviving models: Thrasymedes, Alke, Paramedic Thorakite. Acmon, Dactyl Doctor, Dactyl Engineer, Baggage Probot, Zayin Rebot, Samekh Rebot, Ekdromos.

Caught between Scylla and Charybdis (Supremacy)
Alex Benton

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