Control of Flamia Island

For the greater good(s)

VS Haqqislam

20×20 Mission system
Primary objective: Triangulation (place and switch on with a wip -3 roll [+3 for FO] one homing beacon in each corner of enemy base and in the centre of battlefield)
Secondary objective: Kill the specialists (the more, the better)
Campaign is coming to an end – time to publish old stuff, despite the raw state of report.
Clipsos was brought down and diplomat did not know how to switch homing beacon on. Our lines were broken. Our men – in null state. Even Kosuil couldn’t stop the imigrants from reaching our motherbase. Imigrants obliterated artichokes, leaving only two Kamael alive, just because they were well hidden.This operation was successful only due to their heroic suicide jumps. For the greater good(ies) they ended our suffering before any of commanders could acquire primary objective points. After body count it came clear that so many Haqqislamic specialists died trying to infiltrate our base, that we won thanks to the secondary objective points. That was wicked.

For the greater good(s)For the greater good(s)For the greater good(s)For the greater good(s)For the greater good(s)For the greater good(s)

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