Control of Flamia Island

Training Exercise : Safe Area : 150 pts

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VS Ariadna

Sunday night infinity! Are you ready for some dice rolls! (Does’t quite roll off the tongue like football, does it?)

speakhavoc is always a great person to play against, really wish he had more time to come out, but 2 boys and 2 jobs keeps you busy, i hear.
He wanted to try out some of the new 2016 ITS missions for an upcoming tournament, so I was happy to play one with him.

This was a crazy close game, and one of the highest objective point draws I’ve ever played. basically just shifted in a clockwise fasion. controled 2 quadrants, 2 consoles and 1 HVT each.

On my left flank, I had a baggage Chaksa, who didn’t do anything all game.
And a fireteam of a Makaul, paramedic and a gao-rael with a spitfire. The triad got into a big fight with a t2 sniper rifle marksman, and lost brutally. (Crits will do that..) Even though I managed to successfully dodge, and even bring the spitfire back up, I could just not compete with t2 hits and everyone went down.

On my right flank, my angel of death Gao-Rael sniper was his red hot usual self. He alone managed to secure the right flank of the board. Protecting it so the Kamael forward observer could hold the console at game end. The LT was there too, but she just crawled around in the bushes hiding the whole time.

My clipsos was fantastic as well, and probably held the game for me. She was able to reveal in the second turn, make great use of suprise shot. Re-camo, and do it all over again. She would later sit in supressive fire, control her console and save her quadrant from a lone Ariadnin, who almost captured her quadrant.

spearhavok managed to dominate the entire left flank, secure the HVT, and control two consoles and perfectly tie the game in the bottom of the 3rd round.

Didn’t manage to take a lot pictures for this game, just sorely because of how close it was, I had to really concentrate and plan every move! I wish more games went this way.

Training Exercise :  Safe Area : 150 ptsTraining Exercise :  Safe Area : 150 ptsTraining Exercise :  Safe Area : 150 ptsTraining Exercise :  Safe Area : 150 ptsTraining Exercise :  Safe Area : 150 ptsTraining Exercise :  Safe Area : 150 pts

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