Control of Flamia Island

Training Exercise : Safe Area : 150 pts

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VS Ariadna

Tonight a good amount of local infinity players had some free time, so we played some games!
Minimuppet now has all his models together (last time i saw him, he was still taking the wrapping off the US ariadna box) and should be part of a local tournament.
So, we decided on doing some training missions for an upcoming tournament.. I mean to help hold off against yu-jing.

I totally forgot to make a video for this game, sorry! This table has a bit of a hill in the centre, which makes it interesting to play on, because of how it obscures line of sight. I also really like these tree pieces of terrain, really makes for a good game. (such Ariadna. much camo)

I won the roll off, and opted go to first. Minimuppet deployed second.
I tried to stay out of line for the first round, just moving into the quadrants and setting myself up for some good ARO coverage. It seems to have worked, as he faced off against my spitfire and sniper rifle on his turn. I used hidden deployment with my clipsos, who did a great job of using surprise shot to take out some Ariadnins (with rubber bullets of course) going back into camo, and doing it all over again.

My spitfire Gao-Rael with all it’s MSV2, couldn’t manage to find a mine for all it’s worth, and failed the roll 4/5 times, wasting a lot of orders just so my paramedic could put her hand on the console.

During the game the dog solider and Antipode were kind of a running gag. Once they were in Line of Sight, I’d shoot them into unconsciousness. In minimuppet’s turn, his paramedic would fire a medikit at them, and they’d get back up. So, I’d shoot them again in my active. up they’d come again. This just kept happening and we thought it was terribly funny. Good ol’ werewolf regeneration.

I felt my list was a bit strong to play against for someone who’s only played a few games. I wish I’d brought a more generic list to this battle.

Training Exercise :  Safe Area : 150 ptsTraining Exercise :  Safe Area : 150 ptsTraining Exercise :  Safe Area : 150 ptsTraining Exercise :  Safe Area : 150 ptsTraining Exercise :  Safe Area : 150 ptsTraining Exercise :  Safe Area : 150 pts

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