Control of Flamia Island


VS Ariadna

The quest to impart freedom on Paradiso continues. Although our forces align elsewhere, Araidna’s desire to move into Tianxian still creeps back in. Merovingians attack again, but this time the nomads have the advantageous ground. Continuity calculated a higher risk of Nomad casualties versus surrendering more control to the Merovingians, but its calculations show a greater need for Nomad supremacy, and so the battle is rejoined.
Turn 1
Duroc covers the approach with smoke allowing a Chassuer to rach the console, but the fails multiple times to hack it. Another Chausser Forward Observes the MK12 Gecko, allowing the tracktor mul to rocket the TAG, damaging it.
The Anaconda takes a suppressive firing position as the Metros move and a doctor hack a console.
The Reaktion Zond repositions to cover the console and quadrand, but it damaged. The Clockmaker uses his zonds to repair the Gecko and the Reaktion Zond. The Gecko moves forward and removes the Chauser from combat. The Dual Combi Gecko moves forward to hold the second quadrant. The Tomcat deploys by air and moves immediately to the console, but cannot hack it.
Score 1-2
Turn 2
Duroc deploys smoke, chain rifles the Tomcat and retreats. The Algucil approaches and hacks the Gecko with spotlight. Athough it takes a barrage of missiles, the Gecko is completely destroyed. The Chaussuer uses his flamethrower on the Mk12 Gecko, but avails nothing and retreats to lay a mine.
The Algucil link team reaches the Tomcat, and the paramedic administers first aid unsuccessfully. The Hacker takes the objective and leaves the quadrant to evade Duroc, leaving a repeater behind. The Reaktion Zond moves into to quadrant.
Score 2-2
Turn 3
The Araidnan Algucil attempts to hack the rem, but is assaulted through the repeater. The hacker circles through cover and spotlights the Algucils, allowing rockets to eventually hit the link team, reducing them to 2 and breaking the link.
The remaining nomad Algucils hack the second cosole and the MK 12 Gecko enters the enemy quadrant, surviving the mine and giving the nomads control of 3 quadrants.
Score 6-3


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