Control of Flamia Island


Yu Jing

Seize the Antenna, 300pts

Prior to Yu Jing – ALEPH alliance, ALEPH evaluated that humanity was not able to counter EI invasion of Flamia and will become a beach-head for further invasion. Proofs were found, that in order to deprive EI from obtaining valued strategic positions, ALEPH planned to detonate the island’s fail-safe. A bomb, stationed at O-12 Ozna command centre, powerful enough to eliminate the whole island, portion of airborne EI vessels in island’s vicinity, and cause a severe damage to naval outposts on the mainland. Lives of people were not on the ALEPH’s priority list.
As soon as the Yu Jing’s command circle obtained this information, the Vermilion Bird regiment was dispatched to deal with the corrupted hardware, prevent them from connecting 3 antennas(crucial for the detonation), and protect Onza’s personnel, and O-12 High Command, from within the shadows.

Yu Jing won the initiative, and thus decided to start moving second. ALEPH troops, detecting our presence, cautiously started moving forward. First on the move was a Myrmidon, ordered to dispose one of our camouflaged Guilangs. In reaction to the attack, Guilang dropped a mine, and successfully endured the damage, caused by a chain rifle. Ignoring the mine, Myrmidon aspect decided, that the uncloaked threat should be dealt with, but failed to kill yet again, while he got torn apart by a mine. Machaon later captured an antenna, closest to ALEPH’s side, and other units moved into defensive positions, while Asura aspect engaged suppressive fire mode.

Our turn started with Shaolin warrior monks, moving forward, successfully deploying smoke screen. Hsien then took his chance with an equal Asura opponent, but failed, and suffered a wound from the critical. (*While Hsien Xi Meng was writing a report, he smoothened his silky moustache, and a thought came across his mind:”Although the loudest, the Nomad Intruders seem to be the weakest opponents….”)
Since Hsien was destined to play a different role in this battle, other means were used to get disposed of the target. First, a Shaolin monk ran towards the position, where Asura and Myrmidon fortified themselves. He attacked them from behind, suffered a wound from the myrmidon, but failed to kill either of them. Unfortunate, however, the plan was, to force Asura out of her suppressive fire stance, in which we succeeded. Now that Asura was vulnerable, a Daofei (spitfire) took her chance and torn apart Asura’s bodhisattva into shreds. While doing so, she became a target of enemy Mk.2 proxy Posthuman’s assault hacking, but Yu Jing’s defensive software kept the suit intact. An engineer secured an antenna closest to us, and in the last order, we coordinated our troops into hiding, to avoid enemy HMG or sniper killing attempts.

ALEPH started with establishing of a smoke column (and failed several times). Upon successful deployment, Atalanta moved into position, and eliminated our Daofei with ease. Without any visible immediate danger, a Mk.2 Proxy moved towards the central antenna. It secured it without a problem, but it also got it’s head opened, by a Ninja, equipped with a killer hacking device, slowly revealing himself.
To cut down our order pool, a Dasyu revealed and killed the exposed engineer, but that was as far as she managed to get, soon afterwards, she was ordered to move back into total cover. Their turn ended with the last Proxy Mk.4 (HMG) in a suppressive fire mode.

Having Shaolin deployed elsewhere, Hsien faced the Proxy without any smoke coverage, and easily outranged her. To hinder Dasyu’s movement, a Guilang dropped a mine in her visual, and Shaolin covered her escape route.
Finally, it was time for our newest addition. A Shikami stood up, and advanced towards the central antenna. No matter how high the object was, it presented no obstacle to the brand new heavy armour. Upon securing the objective, he leaped on the building into defensive position. It is also worth mentioning, that his optical disruptive device protected him from all the shoots he faced on his way.

ALEPH had nothing else to do, but to secure the central antenna yet again, with a Dasyu hacker, who managed to deflect the damage from all 6 attacks aimed at her. She finally fell to Killer-hacker Ninja, while securing the antenna. To eliminate another objective grabbing, Atalanta was ordered to dispose of a threat, Shikami presented.
Other units moved into overwatch positions, and all that could, engaged into suppressive fire mode.

ALEPH surely created a powerful barrier, but they failed at predicting our strategy. All it took, was our hacker shinobi to cloak himself, move towards the main antenna and claim it for good.
And thus Yu Jing left the battlefield victorious yet again!

Yu Jing won, 6:3.

End of report.
– Wei Xi Meng, Imperial Agent/rank Hsien/, Vermilion Bird regiment, Flamia covert ops.

Aftermaths: ALEPH rewrote their self-defence code. Convinced by the determination and combat proves of Yu Jing State Army, it acknowledged Yu Jing’s potential, and evaluated is as the most fitted for protection of the humanity on Paradiso, and thus lent it’s aid to the State Empire.

Thank you for reading. 😀

– Ninja was proxied by Oniwaban, Hsien by a Crane agent, Myrmidons with thorekitai, Proxy. mk4 by a proxy mk. 1, Shikami by Shang Ji, and some ‘prone’ markers with ‘mine’ markers.
– Suportware markers were used to indicate antennas, due to our lack of terrain components out of the community.

Yu Jing

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