Control of Flamia Island

Every man for himself

El Presidente
VS Haqqislam

Zero 02540 Reporting in
Mission debrief

Our unit was deployed in Tianxian once again to defend the city from a dissident faction within Haqqislam known as Nidhogg, representing those who were against the alliance with the Nomad forces in Flamia. They were attacking one of our comunications centers and tried siezing the antennae of this sector to disrupt our communications.

The first wave consisted of a Kum biker racing up our left flank next to the central antenna attempting to fill the area with smoke to cover their advance. A Bandit managed to intercept him and engaged in hand to hand combat before they dissapeared into the smoke cloud, luckily for all of us the Bandit emerged victorious.

Meanwhile a Fiday that had managed to infiltrate our unit posing as an Interventor assaulted our Vertigo and Reaktion Zonds, taking out our artillery support but going down to the Reaktion Zond’s hail of bullets. I want it to be included in the official report that this is the third time this particular Zond takes out a Fiday, either this is the luckiest REM in the sphere or there is something special about his programming that should be checked. But enough about that.

A Farzan infiltrator had taken hold of the central antenna and the Haqqislamites had siezed the one further away from our lines. A brave Jaguar gave his life to cover my advance and dove right in taking out the Farzan. Our Lunokhod unit moved to support the bandit and to create a perimeter around the antenna with crazy koalas.

We failed to see that there was a second infiltrator, a Tuareg. He flanked our forces on the right flank and decimated our defences taking out the Bandit, and the Lunokhod. Luckily a Mobile Brigada managed to take him out with his flamethrower before he could do further damage.

A Ragik descended on behind our lines and took out almost all of our remaining fire support and our Daktari. At that point I had only one choice and that was to engage the enemy direcly. I moved around to flank the closest enemies next to the central antenna, I blinded one of their remotes and incapacitated a Djanbazan sniper that had moved too close. Meanwhile our lieutenant regained control of one of the antennae and after receiving confirmation from her, I also moved in and secured the central one for us, laying also a couple of antipersonel mines to prevent any enemies from coming closer.
The antennae were ours.

Every man for himselfEvery man for himselfEvery man for himselfEvery man for himselfEvery man for himselfEvery man for himselfEvery man for himselfEvery man for himselfEvery man for himselfEvery man for himselfEvery man for himselfEvery man for himselfEvery man for himselfEvery man for himself
El Presidente

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  • El Presidente says:

    AikasMX the burned car are just regular toy cars. You just need to aply a hammer to get them to look trashed and then give them some paint 😉

  • AikasMX says:

    Wow! Very nice table and a good battle indeed. I really liked so much that burned car, where did you get it or how did you do it?

  • Nazroth says:

    Cool writeup and some really nice terrain – v.nice report and much appreciated win.

  • Goonhammer says:

    Great report, Commander! Really nice looking table and pictures!