Control of Flamia Island


VS Nomads

(Sorry about the proxy-Uragans. The real ones are currently on the painting table, and literally attached to “painting posts”)
(And sorry about the picture order. I thought I had it figured out. I didn’t)

What a mess! What a slaughter. So many dead. Our Agoge Defense Forces suffered over 73% casualties. The Nomad traitors: a brutal 80%. Neither force will be recoverable and I would suggest folding survivors into other units.

I should have been concerned the moment every single Volunteer reported failure to infiltrate, opting to arrive late and to the rear. Their over-achieving SAS compatriots, however, managed to occupy a central building–one of very few “clear” areas in this jungle. Deployment beyond that was rather standard. I stacked the left a little heavy with two Cameronian Irregulars, an Uragan, & Dozer. The mid with McMurrough, a spec ops, and the other Uragan was going to progress more slowly than the left, but still pivoting on the large anchor of Volunteers mostly just holding still on the right.
I expected the Antipodes to reach and tear through my opponent’s flank before he could re-orient his very substantial gun line in their direction. That failed, and for the the first half of the game casualties piled up on the left. The carnage only subsided when there was no on that side left to kill.

Mid-field his gun line shut down every attempt I made to push forward. McMurrough lept up on and fell back off the building before him twice before being put down permanently–rolling a 1 for smoke, when you need anything but a 20, is no way to stay alive…. In our trades, however, there was one very brightly shining star: Urugan #2 was having a very, very good day. I cannot emphasize enough the sheer joy of Total Reaction rocket launchers! Even with the jungle causing a reduction in burst rate and visibility, that one Uragan brought down perhaps half my opponent’s losses. It was a thing of beauty. It’s last gift: killing the opposing Lieutenant at the end of turn two. This was not a good mission to be irregular on turn three.

The left was literally empty. In the center, my opponent was able to briefly sneak a single nearly invisible Hacker close enough to zap my HVT with some kind of mind reading beam. My Lieutenant spent approximately five orders and every round in his T2 rifle to bring her down. Attempts by my opponent to seize the middle were stopped cold by my two SAS. The SAS gave their lives shutting down his momentum. With no one better left alive, my Volunteers on the right attempted forward progress and were decimated. A surgical strike with a rocket eliminated my HMG/Link Team leader and the medic in one shot. Most of my failed infiltrators were removed by one jerky sniper with a jerky visor and jerk-gun he picked up at the jerkstore…what a jerk!

However!! One brave 6-point Volunteer with chaingun and a prayer took the mid field and did not die. My intention was only to grab control of his HVT. I had no idea there was no one else left in the middle. That little six-point kilted super-soldier, swung 4 points my way, going from a 1-2 loss to a 5-2 win!
Victory! …and LOADS of blood to make the grass grow.


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