Control of Flamia Island

TAG, You're It

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VS Tohaa

For this battle Nasicato and I tried an unusual scenario he’s playtesting. The idea is that one person has a TAG and the other doesn’t, and we’re trying to capture the TAG by making it Unconscious, Immobilized-2, or similar.

The scenario sort-of worked as intended, but since you won or lose purely on the TAG’s survival it meant that I just had to Immobilize is and I’d win the day. To that end I figured I’d bombard it with E/M 2 shots from the KTS.

Tohaa went first, and spend their turn moving around the Gorgos in a defensive perimater. One of them took a run at my HVT by scrambling on to the landing pad, but my KTS were able to see him and killed him in a barrage of gunfire. The first turn I moved the KTS up and used the blitzen’s surprisingly long range to score several hits and Immobilizing the Gorgos. My Yuan Yuan landed and died, having accomplished nothing.

Turn 2, the Tohaa repaired the Gorgos’ Immobilized state and then plunked down in to suppressive fire with it. On my Turn 2, I shuffled the KTS around so that unused blitzens were brought to the fore. I exchanged fire with the Gorgos but the KTS doing so died to the fiery guns of the alien robot-monster.

Turn 3, the Gorgos raked the KTS with its spitfire repeatedly, but the KTS were able to Immobilize it with their blitzens in ARO. Since the Gorgos was IMM-2 at the end of the Tohaa turn and they couldn’t use their engineer to repair it, the game was a victory for the mercenaries of Qapu Khalqi.

The pictures, in order.

A shot of the battlefield from earlier in the night. The Kum were nor present for this battle, but the terrain was the same set-up.

Another battlefield shot. My deployment was along the bottom right.

Team photo! I figured the KTS with their blitzens would be ideal, especially in a five-member Fireteam.

Tohaa team photo! The Gorgos, my target, is the big one. Obviously.

The KTS deployed, the Ghulam LT just below them on the right. Sun Tze is standing in as the HVT.

The Gorgos lumbering in to view.

The KTS exchanging fire with it. The two on the right was a weird placement issue – the fourth one along was unconscious so the one on the far right had to stand in the open.

The KTS and the Gorgos exchanging fire.

TAG, You're ItTAG, You're ItTAG, You're ItTAG, You're ItTAG, You're ItTAG, You're ItTAG, You're ItTAG, You're It

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  • Durian Khaar says:

    Well, never take a knife to gun battle they say 😉

  • Terrordactyl says:

    Yeah I feel like the TAG is always going down in this scenario just for number of dice.

  • TRA852 says:

    Congratulations on the win and for trying something different. I can see how this could easily have gone against you – TAG are nothing to sneeze at.
    I think I see one of the Tohaa’s problems; they came camouflaged for a winter battle, not an urban one. Obviously made them easier for you to hit.