Control of Flamia Island

Heavy Machine Guns for the Moral Win

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VS Tohaa

In this game, I learned a great and profound truth about the game: putting an HMG in a clear firing lane is a good idea! Aside from being the only survivor besides the one Netrod that made it down, it kept a good quarter of the board locked down.

Nasicato’s fire team made it up to the central Supply box and popped it open, and immediately after a Dakini tossed a grenade right into their midst. It was instantly reduced to scrap by ARO gunfire, but the grenade did its work admirably. Things went less well on the Asura’s side of the table – she and a Dakini had a lot of gun pointed at the box, but Nasicato’s clever use of terrain limited its effectiveness. The Asura leapt out from cover, trusting in her armour, but trusting in armour means trusting in my dice, so she died real thorough.

Over with Captain HMG and the Deva, forcing the fire team to lay down smoke allowed the hacker to pop the box and grab some supplies, but she was shot by the other team coming over the skywalk. I still got my single objective, the supplies being grabbed by the Dakini, but by then everything else had been shot off the table.


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One Comment

  • Pendragon says:

    Control of fire lanes is half the game. Players have to be careful setting up the table to make sure their are paths around the dominate firelanes.