Control of Flamia Island

Storming the Bouncy Castle

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VS Tohaa

This is, I believe, the first match I’ve played where we actually had to break out the regular jumping rules. I started off with my people either behind or on top of the rock formations surrounding the centre of the board. Most were in cover. The only cover my formost Dakini needed was its HMG.

It quickly turned out that my initial deployment wasn’t as clever as I thought it was – I had to do a bit of hasty maneuvering to get into clear firing lines. On Nasicato’s turn, he was facing down quite a bit of bullet.

Then the missing began.

Going into the second turn, all that had happened was one of his holo-projectors had shorted out. My Deva Hacker took a bullet going up to a console, and proceeded to foil the enemy phero-hacker. A bunny-hopping holo-cloaked fellow got behind my lines, shot a Dakini that was busy missing with grenades, and proceeded into a prolonged firefight with the Asura standing about four centimetres apart. That was eventually ended by a passing K1 bullet from halfway across the board, and with the Deva and HMG Dakini being hosed down with a flamethrower, that was that.


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