Control of Flamia Island

Battle Sieze the Antennae

Yu Jing
VS PanOceania

I gave our newest Infinity player a nicely paced and tutorial mode game to help him gain a better feel for the rules.

We Covered more advanced rules:

Hacking vs. Hackers. We discovered that Pan O isn’t really great at this. Although JSA arguably is just OK at it.

TO and how hidden deployment works. Shinobu Kitsuen 101 was covered at great lenght.

Command tokens for solid suppressive Fire Tactics. Even with a shitty BS of 10, Keisotsu in Suppressive can sometimes kill things.

And Fun with Monofilament weapons. Yes. Kitsune was discussed at lenght.

Shinobu did her work while the Keisotsu secured the objectives. for a Yu Jing win.

We also had a good conversation about how the silk must flow.

Overall a fun relaxed pace game, where the value of Specilaists and Mono weapons was the greatest lesson.

For those who would call using demo games for Flamestrike as cheating, you should really reconsider.

A good demo game does not curb stomp the noob, or give a free victory to the noob or demoer.
A good demo game has two balanced forces, a tutorial feel, and should engage the new player in the fluff , spiirit of the game, as well as the mechanics.

Yu Jing

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