Control of Flamia Island

QK is hard to fight

VS Haqqislam

My Fellow Stefan wanted to try out Quapu Khalqi and we played Nimbuszone in Narooma. In the first Round Stefan began and moved his Kaplan Link forward. He disconnected the Antenna on his right. The rest of his Turn he moved around to get some Konsoles on his next Turn. On my first turn I disconnected the Antenna on my right and lost the Kossuil on my right in an ARO. My Kossuil in the other Fireteam disconnected the Antenna on my left. In his second turn he kept the Datapack from the Konsole in the middle and on his right. A hard Firefight between Le Muet and his Djanbazan was won by him. Poor Le Muet. In my second turn i kept the Datapack from the Konsole on the right and killed the Al Hawwa FO in the middle and kept the Datapack from the one in the middle. In his last Turn Stefan rampaged with Scarface Turner into my Deployment Zone. He killed my Heavy Machine Gun Sukeul and the Makaul in this Fireteam. But then my Spec Op casted “Gotcha” on him and had a success. Stefan disconnected the last Antenna. In my last turn I killed the Djanbazan and two of the Kaplan. I moved the last Sukeul to Cordelia and shot her down. The Game ended with a Draw.

QK is hard to fightQK is hard to fight

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