Control of Flamia Island

Panning the moose

VS PanOceania

Sorry forgot to take pictures. I hate pan o. I hate them so much. While I did manage to pull out a win it didn’t feel like it.
Lost my zero my hellcat my lt reverend custodes my intruder and my beloved bandit. Only way I win was focus on the mission and pulled off 1 more antenna than the moose did.
I love camo and while the heavy infantry and to Swiss guard is a pain the auto detect and cancelling out my camo is what really hampers my play style. So while I haven’t lost a game to moose in quite some time I always feel so brutalized and each turn is a struggle to figure out all of the steps and focus on the mission. Always the mission never the joy of crushing his army or watching my accurate fire and mines rip them apart.
I took loads of specialists and the first outing for my prowler. He is awesome! Camo infiltrate decent stats and can be a specialist. I also really like spectre and zero hackers. Silly of me to not have been using them the whole time.
So as my final battle I end with a win and suck it pan o shouted out as the lizards headed to the rear.


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