Control of Flamia Island

Faith defeated

VS PanOceania

The green areas on this battle are representing woods and special rules where drafted for them. First they count as saturation zones and provide cover. Second is not possible to see through them, but a miniature in the wood can be seen from outside. They were used to break the lines of fire to avoid having a “snipper party”.
The terrain is medium mountain, meaning is very difficult terrain.

Turn 1 Pano:
Pano discovers and kills a wrongly placed Bran (I thought that the rules for the forest where akin to the ones on Warmachine, which led to lose my spearhead on the second Pano activation). Then advances with the Jotum to the side of the house on the center. Finally the Nisse hacker takes the upper left console (from my perspective). Thus he’s oucpying two zones

Turn 1 Nomads:
I advance with the Moiras and take the lower left console, then I advance and my snipper gets to shoot at the Nisse Snipper, who survives and gets prone. Then the Moira link team advances and Machinegun 1 shoots at the Jotum, scoring two wounds (both criticals, lucky me!). The Machinegunner gets activated again and shoots at the Jotum, but without getting any wounds in (armour 10 + cover 3 = 13 versus damage 15, a bad idea). On the meantime a Crocman appears behind cover and drops a mine as an ARO to threaten the Moiras. Machinegunner and hacker moiras take cover and then the Snipper shoots at the Jotum with AP rounds, getting his last wound and leaving Mistrael without his liutenant. Then since I feared the return fire from the Nisse Snipper, I took cover with the Moiras, a very bad idea…

Pano controls 2 zones, Nomads 1: 2 points to Pano.

Turn 2 Pano:
3 Command tokens are used to make 3 orders regulars and the Machinist reaches the Jotum, repairing it. Then the Nisse hacker gets down to the cover beside the Crocman. A second Crocman appears on the right side of the table and advances to the lower right zone, taking shelter behind the wood, and finaly the Nisse Sniper gets up.

Turn 2 Nomads:
Many orders are wasted on trying to kill or get down the Nisse Sniper (I remember it survived 5 shots before failing a guts roll and going into cover). Then the Sniper shoots at the Jotum & Machinist, the Jotum goes down again, but the machinist manages to dogde and get into cover. I try to get to kill the Jotum for real, but I only manage to get another wound to it. Then I activate the Zero and advance behind the Nisse hacker & Crocman and place a mine. The AROs kill the Zero, but the mine takes care of the Nisse. Then in order to avoid Pano from getting 2 additional points I get part of the linked team into the upper left area, efectively controling it, but in doing so my hacker gets into control area of the Crocman hacker, who’s ARO inmobilices her.

Nomads & Pano control 2 zones each: 1 objective point each.

Turn 3 Pano:
The Machinist tries (and succeeds) doging the fire from the linked team, and reaches the Jotum. Then the next activation manages to repair it and is killed by the ARO of the moiras.
Jotum advances torwards the left side of the table, using its flametrower to take out the DDO of the moira hacker (who survives) and exchanges fire with the link team, until one by one fall down, leaving only Kusanagi.

Turn 3 Nomads:
A combined order is used to bring forward the rest of the Nomad miniatures, but the Daktari gets an ARO from the Jotum, that leaves it unconstious. Then Kusanagi moves into the forest, gaining LoS with the Crockman on the lower right zone (who places a mine) and the Jotum (who shoots at Kusanagi). Kusanagi shoots with AP killing, now for good, the Jotum. Next order, tries to kill the Crockman, and believing that the No wound incapatitaion gave resistance from shock I totally dismissed the mine. The Croc dodged the attacks and Kusanagi got killed. Then the Moderator tried to hack the console but failed.

Nomads & Pano control 1 zone: 1 point each.
Nomads & Pano control 1 console each: 1 point each.

Faith defeatedFaith defeatedFaith defeatedFaith defeated

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