Control of Flamia Island

Hostiles Sighted

Digenoi Acheron
VS Combined Army

Delta Iteration answers the Nemesis directive, but in their typical fashion chooses to approach the operation with a careful reconnaissance of the perimeter. Things quickly escalate when strange noises in the vicinity of Field Generator ZV12 prove to be an advance recon force of the Combined Army. Deploying in a never before seen coordinated style Katapeltes group lays down heavy firepower from range before Hector leads myrmidons in to deal with the Umbra leading this group.

Unidron Link advances with Umbra Legate to a forward position. Place plasma sniper in a commanding position. E-Drone advances up the right flank and takes fire from Zayin Rebot.
Sensor anomaly and M-Drone advances on the left flank. Legate and Unicorns advance further up field to optimize position.
Zayin Rebot relocates to roof on right flank, putting down heavy fire and incapacitating the E-Drone. Puts further fire into Plasma sniper Unidron, but does no damage. Agema missile launcher advances up the far left flank taking cover and putting a missile into the Obsidian Medchanoid destroying it.
Acmon and Link move forward and use Panzerfaust to destroy Q-Drone
Agema marksman sniper exchanges fire with Maakrep and is wounded in exchange.
Hector, Ajax and Myrmidon link advance, exchange fire with Unidron to no effect.
Ekdromos Hacker deploys on right flank.

Unidron link repositions. Zayin Rebot fires at plasma sniper and knocks it out.
Shasvasti Noctifier reveals and shoots down Agema missile launcher.
M-Drone advances and takes heavy fire from Zayin Rebot which shoots it to pieces.
2nd Noctifier advances and is also shot down by Zayin Rebot.
First Fraacta drop unit deploys on the far left flank and is engages by a Probot minesweeper in close quarters combat, hoping to use it’s electric pulse to immobilze it.
Acmon and Doctor advance at a crawling pace to heal Agema marksman.
Agema exchanges fire with Maakrep, is brought down by return fire from Noctifier missile launcher which knock out both Dactyl and Agema.
Ekromos advances through a building on the right flank. Takes fire from Unidrons but survives.
Hector and the link team slowly advance on the Unidron link taking out one after another…

First Fraacta kills Probot, but only after the remote has delayed it for critical seconds.
Another Fraacta deploys directly into the back field, taking fire from Acmon.
It survives landing and proceeds to kill Acmon while taking heavy fire from Samekh Rebot hiding in the back.
Samekh Rebot eventually knocks it out with reactive fire.
Umbra Samaritan jumps onto roof of building in the centre of the field and takes fire from Hector, Myrmidon and Zayin Rebot, he is killed outright in a hail of plasma fire.
Zayin Rebot redeploys off the roof and puts fire into the left flank. It removes the Fraacta but is shot down by the Noctifier.
Hector and his link advance laying down heavy fire, they proceed to neutralize all remaining Unidrons and the Maakrep tracker in the back field.
With the field fully under Aleph control the advance force of the Combined withdraws.

Hostiles SightedHostiles SightedHostiles SightedHostiles SightedHostiles SightedHostiles SightedHostiles SightedHostiles SightedHostiles Sighted
Digenoi Acheron

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