Control of Flamia Island

Heavyweight title!

Zenon Berg
VS Yu Jing
Matt Lau

Any day now, they tell us that hostilities will cease. Every day we fight for control. Every day there are new enemies trying us in new ways. Some are vastly superior, others not even out of cadet school. This one was one of those extended battles that proved to be as bloody as they come. We will try to AAR for the learning.

The battle grounds are open in the middle, but plenty of flanking opportunity. Choosing the battle lines will be a decided advantage. Joan is able to pull ahead here, and takes heigher ground, seeing just how well her newly appointed and highly acclaimed Black Friar performs. They are caught slightly off guard, and not only is Konstantinos not able to suss out the enemy positions, he’s not even able to gain the position we sought for him! (Sun Tse prevented holding a unit back and he failed his infiltration roll). Joan orders her Black Friar to the top of an impossibly high refinery, and her Fusiliers to take high ground and hit the deck. Taking the initiative means that she can be a little careless with starting in cover, and orders her team to stay hidden, but for an early alpha strike up the middle. Yu Jing responds by taking a heavy defensive position, with Sun Tse to flank. Support in the back, and hoping the sniper and HMG can soften up the Knights before they become a problem.
The Yu Jing are able to sow some discord and steal some of her steam right off the bad, so every order would be precious (cmd token took 2 orders). She sought first to get into a forward aggressive position, and spent 3 orders moving, then shooting her way up to the central roofs. De Fersen took a wound for his efforts, then on the 3rd order, dropped to a stray round from an HMG. One of the good doctors exposed himself. but a well placed medkit brought de Fersen back to fighting form, though he took a wound for it. We’d find out later how effective this would be, as it contained an experimental drug (classified completed). Konstantinos (having not died on the first order) had orders to eliminate the smoke layer, as all of their lines of sight were blocked. He took decisive action and dropped the trooper with 1 burst from his combi. The Black Friar fired 2 warning shots at their sniper. Joan warned him to go for the kill next shot.
Yu Jing responded by opening with their TO cammo trooper getting into good position and shooting a good doctor to unconsciousness, though it took 2 orders, and a stray shot from a Fusilier capped his boldness and found a weakness in the armour. Sun Tse got bold and ran from cover and took a withering from incoming combi’s and MULTI’s. He was hit solidly 8 times in the open, and managed to limp away with a single wound. The tapes would be reviewed to see how that was possible. With that handled, they next priority was the Black Friar. The sniper duel ended on the first order, with Yu Jing scoring a crit. The Black Friar failed his shot outright and succumbed to his wounds. The muzzle flare did, however, provoke a shot from a Fusilier who did Joan proud, scored a crit and dropped their sniper. Snipers gone, Joan’s number was next. 5 orders later, she lay bleeding beyond recovery a couple meters from an unconscious doctor. (2-1)
Bloodied and in loss of lieutenant, the Knights relied on instinct to get things done. Konstantinos started advancing on their sensor bot, as we needed to eliminate orders. A Knight then ordered him to advance on the Hsein, since he was out of LoS. A good hail of bullets from the assault pistol and the Hsein limped out of Konstantinos’ sight, into de Fersens. de Fersen did not like his chances to hit the Hac Tao and chose to order Konstantinos to do the dirty work. It cost him his life, but Konstantinos did the job. Two command tokens were spent to get a last Hospitaller into a good firing lane, to stem the counter attack.
And the counter came in hard. The Hsein knew he had to eliminate de Fersen to have a hope of dominating the board. He opened fire, de Fersen was able to edge out hit shots, and land a hit. The bullet that penetrated and put the Hsein down, however, was a crit from our champion Fusilier, who earned the name Vladislav. Sun Tse took a huge risk to kill the advancing Hospitaller, and after Vladislav crit, he saved all 3 other shots, and downed the Hospitaller with a boarding shotgun. Sad day indeed. Out of orders and low on time, the engineer repaired the bot who exchanged a few ineffectual shots with de Fersen. (3-2)
Low on orders, and 2 Knights to be raised, this could easily swing the battle in our favour. A good doctor shot a medkit at the boarding shotgun Hospitaller – and missed. Tried again – and missed. 3rd time’s a charm though, but not really, and missed again. 4th time lucky was true (and the last order), though it malfuntionned and killed the Hospitaller (yes that was 4/5 failures on a 14).
Yu Jing had a chance to win, so they took it. Sun Tse ran to dominate our territory and paid the ultimate price. The repaired drone moved to Konstantinos, shot de Fersen, who missed back. Then took a coup de grace on Konstantinos and de Fersen still couldn’t damage that lucky little REM. Maybe that experimental drug threw his vision off…. (4-4)

One of the best games I’ve played to a talented opponent. Bad breaks both sides. He didn’t like my crits, I didn’t like his 7 saves against damage 13 on one ARO. That doctor at the end though…. He’d be court marshalled, reduced to Fusilier, and Vladislav will take his place.

Seeing that there were not many options left, Sun Tse ran to kill a good doctor and paid the price this time as de Fersen had had enough!

Heavyweight title!Heavyweight title!Heavyweight title!Heavyweight title!Heavyweight title!

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