Control of Flamia Island

Fire and forget the Magister

Zenon Berg
VS PanOceania
Matt Beckstrom

It was a mirror battle, and I really think the Knights wanted the riff-raff out.
Deployment: No one could get high ground, so the rocket launcher and sniper tried to get cover with firing lanes. The Magister took the other flank. Joan in the middle with the grenade launcher. Palbot to babysit the sergeants and Father-doc to babysit Joan. They deployed everything out of LoF, yet had first turn. Nisses took a great firing slit way back and out of the action.
Turn 1: HMG tries to fire on Konstantinos and gets pegged by a heavy rocket launcher instead. Sniper kills a warcor. Hospitaller doc starts a coordinated order, only to get a panzerfaust to the teeth and fall unconscious. Sniper pegs Joan (who’s failing dodges on a 15) 2x before she’s able to “pass” a guts roll and dive for cover. Peacemaker rolls up and his Auxbot burns the sniper as the palbot and rocket launcher make armour saves after failing dodges.
Knights respond – Magister is impetuous and take a wound on his move-dodge (failed a 17). Peacemaker was the prime target, yet survived 2 rockets and 4 assault pistol shots before getting a D-Charge planted and detonated – that was annoying 😀 The grenadier then went to get into better range and got blasted by a TO:Camo Croc for her troubles. Konstanitos took the last 2 orders to get lucky and down the croc with his assault pistol. (3-0)
Turn 2: Sniper went to work: Killed the unconscious grenadier, hit Joan, then killed Konstantinos. Took all his orders to do so though 😀
The Magister went to work. His impetuous failed to do much damage as everyone passed their dodges. Then he crit the incapacitated Hospitaller to kill, and wounded a fusilier. Next order took another fusilier into unconscious. Next order was a coordinated that downed the last fusilier, and though the rocket launcher got into position, got sniped. Magister went for broke and downed the regular leaving Matt in loss of lieutenant and retreat. (6-0)
Turn 3: Saved the Nisses
Did a happy dance (9-0)

Took a long time. Kids underfoot and real life made things a little long for 200 points. Great opponent though, would do again.

Deus est cum nobis,
-Col Hospitaller Zenon

Fire and forget the MagisterFire and forget the MagisterFire and forget the MagisterFire and forget the MagisterFire and forget the MagisterFire and forget the MagisterFire and forget the MagisterFire and forget the Magister
Zenon Berg

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