Control of Flamia Island

Pan O sends a new Commander

VS PanOceania
Matt B

Matt wanted to play a smaller game and asked if we could switch things up a bit. I had enjoyed seeing Steve’s Steel Phalanx list in action and so gave it a try, Though I changed the Myrmidon with a spitfire out for a Hacker instead.

It was a much more enjoyable game for Matt I believe. (After-all this is his first venture into miniature wargaming and I have done it for a years.)

Turn 1:
I literally just advanced into the middle

Black Friar moved up and killed my Myrmidon who was moving up the flank. Apparently I hadn’t trained him to sneak up the way Steve had.
I also managed to immobilize his Heavy Infantry and Auxbot who had been trying to sneak up on me.

Turn 2:
I advanced and killed the Auxbot and then the HI. He attempted to shoot his flame thrower at Ajax, but Ajax saved and then proceeded to crush the poor HI. (I only used Achilles and Ajax to attack and came from opposite directions around the helipad in order to ensure I wouldn’t have multiple models under the template. I figured he would elect to shoot something else or attack in CC in order to get face to face rolls but he didn’t)
The Black friar then shot his multirifle at my Myrmidon hacker. Luckily B2 in ARO saved me and I won the roll and actually dropped the Black Friar!

Turn 3:
Achilles takes shots at Matts troops heading for the zones needed to capture in order to win. Unfortunately I failed to kill anyone and they all dropped prone However I did manage to drop a fusilier who was lagging behind.
Black Friar was brought back by a servant bot (who was then shot to pieces)
Matt takes his troops and moves for the domination zones. Unfortunately for him Achilles picks them off one at a time between failed dodges and failed face to face shooting. Achilles won this game for me. I thought I was doomed!

Definitely a more enjoyable game for Matt and I definitely enjoyed it too! I will have to try interesting combos like this against him again!

I also think that until he gets a better handle on the rules perhaps the smaller points is better.

Pan O sends a new CommanderPan O sends a new CommanderPan O sends a new CommanderPan O sends a new CommanderPan O sends a new CommanderPan O sends a new CommanderPan O sends a new Commander

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