Control of Flamia Island

Flatfooted against Haqqislam

VS Haqqislam

As is often the case against Alem’s Haqqislam forces we were caught off guard. His forces always have a knack for finding all the kinks in our armour. Crits are not a 5% occurrence but rather closer to 50%! We knew we were in for a tough fight. Viral ammunition and crits mean that my forces are going to have a hard time staying in the fight.

The game began with an Proxy MK II ambushing a viral sniper who I knew would be problematic. Unfortunately even when you only need 16 to hit you can still miss. Luckily so did the sniper. However, then the climber plus scaled the sides of the building to avoid being shot by anyone else. Once it got to the top it laid flat and shot at the Proxy MK II and despite the Proxy having a much easier shot my opponent crit and since it was viral the Proxy MK II android somehow was effected by disease and sneezed itself to death? (This rule bothers me that it affects all the androids but alas I shall not rant here)

This left the viral sniper rifle to now begin to rain viral shots onto my forces and after two crits and somehow giving disease to Heavy Infantry that is not human left me at a loss of lietenant. Then the fireteam shot their Heavy Rocket Launcher at the other Asura and despite needing impossible low numbers to hit and my 14 to dodge the Asura lit on fire losing two wounds. The explosion also killed a Lamedh and the Sophotec. This was clearly going to be an uphill battle again.

My troops decided that the best bet was to advance under cover of smoke (especially since they were all irregular) and hope that we could handle the advance since we had slightly better field position in the middle of the training grounds. I had chosen to make one order regular to give the Asura the chance to advance and shoot. This proved effective as the viral sniper couldn’t see the spitfire shots coming from out of the smoke and managed to cause two hits and drop the Sniper.

The second initiative for Haqqislam proved to be the Alephs most productive turn. As the fireteam advanced our Asura (under cover of smoke from a special dodge from the Myrmidon) shot and caused two troopers in the fireteam to drop unconscious. The Proxy MK V and her Marksmanship managed to remove two models and shock them so that the doctor wouldn’t be able to revive them.

My turn was again just positioning and nothing else. I was going to make the Haqqislam forces remove me.

Unfortunately the Doctor was the only remaining soldier in the fireteam and after crawling around in the jungle for several orders managed to stabilize the other two troopers and reform the link team with three troops. Luckily the spitfire was the only heavy weapon left in the team though. The Haqqislam forces moved into the center position. However they didn’t have enough to counter my asura and Probot and so we managed to steal the game 4:2.

Tough game that I just managed to squeek out.

Flatfooted against HaqqislamFlatfooted against HaqqislamFlatfooted against HaqqislamFlatfooted against Haqqislam

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One Comment

  • Daniel Darko says:

    Nice report. Short but informative.
    Our Haqqislam-Commander has also the ability to hit were it hurts most. Seems to be a pattern. 😉