Control of Flamia Island

The Settlers of Dawn Never Had Great Luck

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VS Ariadna

This game was a 150 point battle at Sagres. We did “Quadrant Control” since it’s a fairly straightforward scenario, and we were being pretty casual about gaming tonight.

I’d pictured this scenario as the two opposing forces up to dastardly black-ops deeds stumbling upon each other.

This game was a display of truly miserable luck for Spearhavok. He rolled low when he needed to roll high, and high when he needed to roll low.

My first turn was a textbook example of how to use so many Extremely Impetuous orders. My Kum moved up and laid down a wall of smoke, while the Ghazi moved up behind them. Spearhavok thought it would be prudent to reveal a bunch of infiltrators to try to take out the bikers before they got much closer. This didn’t really work, though – all that happened was his revealed soldiers either missed their shots or died in the ensuing firefight.

His first turn was more abysmal luck. His autocannon trooper, who had so brutally shot my bikers to death in our first game of the night, missed all his shots by incredibly tiny margins – I’m talking needing a 15 and getting a 16 on these shots. Similarly, my Kum’s chainrifle fire dropped his soldiers who also failed their armour saves by tiny numbers.

At the bottom of the turn I dominated all the quadrants.

On my second turn, I wiped out all but a handful of Spearhavok’s troopers in my Impetuous phase, at which point Spearhavok graciously conceded defeat. He knew it wasn’t going to turn around for him with his luck running the way it was, and this way we could all go home and see our families.

The pictures, in order:

Screaming Kum maniac vaulting tank traps and a wrecked police car to lay waste with his chainrifle. Note the out of commission Ariadna soldier in the upper left and the unpainted Ghazi Muttawi’ah running to help.

This Kum biker was Dogged at the moment of this picture. He tried to gut the double-flamethrower-wielding Ariadnan, but the Ariadnan trooper made his armour save and the Kum biker was blasted in to a truly staggering number of spare organ scraps by an autocannon that’s out of frame (and across the table).

Battlefield shot angled from the Ariadnan deployment zone.

Battlefield shot angled from my deployment zone, but poorly cropped so my deployment was out-of-shot.

Team photo! The lighting was terrible and I didn’t notice until well after the game. In the back is Combat Group 1 made up of two Kum bikers, two Ghazi Muttawi’ah, a pair of Naffatun, and a Ghulam Doctor with her trusty Nasmat. In front is Combat Group 2, which is identical but one of the Naffatun is my Lieutenant and instead of a Ghulam Doctor there’s a Ghulam Hacker.

The Settlers of Dawn Never Had Great LuckThe Settlers of Dawn Never Had Great LuckThe Settlers of Dawn Never Had Great LuckThe Settlers of Dawn Never Had Great LuckThe Settlers of Dawn Never Had Great Luck

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  • Shingen says:

    Fine report. Thanks for sharing.

  • Vounchiz says:

    So many minis for 150 pts, the game wasn’t too long ?

  • John Tenzer says:

    So far, extremely impetuous worked for me. Though I have to admit, that was vs inexperienced players on dense terrain. The right deployment is the key to safe e.i.-movement I’d, I think. If you can keep in cover until you’re able to shoot, everything is fine.

  • Garak says:

    Nice terrain set up.

  • Sireen_Barakat says:

    Extremely Impetuous rarely works for me since my Yuan Yuans usually suffer dispersion and end up dying.

  • thepoorman says:

    Terrordactyl – they usually don’t work. My Kum wind up getting in each other’s way and the Ghazi aren’t fast enough to keep up with their roaring criminal companions.

  • Terrordactyl says:

    Teach me your extremely impetuous ways.