Control of Flamia Island

Knight of the Sepulchre "You think its not the real quaid?.... it is"

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VS Yu Jing
Matsu Li

“You think its not the real quaid?…. it is” from total recall movie

As total recall holoproyector image this knight work perfect on battlefield, the yu jing were distracted by the 2 holograms that confused them a lot missing several shoots and wasting orders finding which its the right knight while the rest of the army advanced, the mount terrain was not a big trouble were we could obilaterate our opponent and then went to do the mission with a crocmen hacker.

Was very fun to play with the holoproyector L2 and see your foe face when miss due its not the real guy, you do more not shooting than shooting. with the spitfire, i could save some points in future use to put other miniatures since i felt this time lacking of actions and battlefield control.

Knight of the Sepulchre Knight of the Sepulchre Knight of the Sepulchre Knight of the Sepulchre

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