Control of Flamia Island

Operation 978-84-O-2 (Achiles Enomotarchos)

VS Yu Jing

I won initiative and choose the side of the table with the highest sniper’s nest, the JSA player put two camo markers on the right flank, presumably a Raiden minelayer over some containers and the mine to prevent airborne infiltration, and another pair on the left flank, a Haris of Karakuri near the center behind a Chickenhawk, and a Rui Shi-Engineer-Yojimbo combo on the rightside of the centre.

I put 4 Achilles and a Yudbot behind a Q-building, with a FO Mk V in front of it and a Naga with killer device on the left, as near as possible to his HVT, another Naga, this time a FO on the right, the Mk II sniper over the tallest building with a netrod near her showing an easy target for an ambush, the Mk I doctor and a Dakini paramedic inside the same building.

Masamune’s last miniature is a an infiltrating TO, a critical 15 reveals it has to be a Oniwaban (no problem, he can try playing lots with my Achilleses), I put a Dasyu Hacker behind some trees as near as possible to the central console

Yojimbo opens the battle rushing to the centre, the left side Raiden falls for the ambush and kills the Netrod, but my posthuman rolls a 19, Yojimbo throws smoke and a Rui Shi runs to finish the sniper, but thanks to some dodges I manage to hang on until it runs out of orders. The Karakuri from the other group get inside the smoke and download a datapack, then they get out of the smoke to take some more shoots at the sniper without managing a hit, but get in range of my Dasyu hacker who isolates the Karakuri with heavy shotgun

With my first order the Naga from the left sneaks towards Masamune’s HVT and does espionage on him, the Dasyu Immobilizes the isolated Karakuri, and Patroclus downs the Rui Shi while avoids a DEP from the combi Karakuri, and then proceeds to kill the combi Karakuri, then the Dasyu hacker shoots down the Mk12 Karakuri (the Raiden from the right gets ARO but nimbus, cover, TO and range are too much and can’t hit) but since that’s my last order the Karakuri doesn’t activate dogged to be able to repair it.

Yojimbo starts again, facing his smoke with Patroclus and the Mk II, and winning, then a Yaozao runs to the Rui Shi gets it back in action, and the Rui Shi finally kills the sniper, a TO appears and enters the building where the Mk I and the Dakini where hiding and hits them both with his shotgun, the Dakini goes down, but the Mk I survives and voluntarily fails the gutsroll to retreat outsude the building, another TO appears and sneaks towards the right console.

Patroclus kills, first the Rui Shi, and then Yojimbo. The Naga hacker disconnects the lower left antenna and gets behind cover on the left console all while shooting at the shotgun Karakuri to cover himself.

On the last turn, the Raiden from the right tried to kill the Naga hacker before he could download a data pack, but thanks to the nimbus the Naga dodged the attack, the Oniwaban got out of the building chasing the posthuman, but got AROed to death by Patroclus, Achilles, and the Dasyu without killing the Mk I, the other TO revealed to be a killer device ninja, shoot down the upper right antenna and downloaded a datapack from the right console, the isolated Karakuri retreated to the central console.

Having tasted blood, Achilles ran towards the Karakuri, but shooting at the upper left antenna to deactivate it (he missed), the Dasyu hacker immobilised the Karakuri then, the Naga hacker spent 4 fu**ing orders to download a datapack (seriously, this unit’s hacking device had some serious bugs, he needed at least two tries for every WIP in the game), with half my order pool wasted by the incompetence of the naga hacker, the FO couldn’t aford any subtleties and sacrificed himself to the Ninja’s tactical bow to downlad another datapack.

Then Achilles used his lieutenat order to shot at the upperleft antenna again which resulted to be made from tesseum or something, I should have used the DEP.

The icing on the cake came when we checked that the isolated, immobilised Karakuri somehow still controlled it’s console turning a my win into a loss.

As soon as my opponent sends me the pics I’ll upload them.

Operation 978-84-O-2 (Achiles Enomotarchos)Operation 978-84-O-2 (Achiles Enomotarchos)Operation 978-84-O-2 (Achiles Enomotarchos)Operation 978-84-O-2 (Achiles Enomotarchos)Operation 978-84-O-2 (Achiles Enomotarchos)
Yu Jing

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