Control of Flamia Island

No Doctor in the House

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VS Yu Jing

No Doctor in the house indeed.

Lt. Dara was deliberate but cautious with her hand signals as she directed two of her men to clear the room to the left. This hospital wing of the Narooma sector had its power out. The lack of sound from medical machines or the hum of power sources made the slightest sounds echo across the hallway. This hospital sector almost gave that eeriness of a horror movie. The only light came from the fading daylight filtering through windows and the skylight above. She could hear the steady rumbling of her biker team now. She ordered them to follow from a distance to keep their noise signature down but still be within their assault range in case things get crazy. The bikes come to a halt and its riders turned off their engines. Her warband bike team may not come from regular army but they know when stealth is of importance. She made a mental note to commend them later.

The central hub was now in front of them, glowing light coming from within. The system AI is programmed to divert and maintain power to the room containing crucial medical data banks in case of a power outage. She was tasked by someone up in command to secure the data within that room. She was not sure why her team was selected. Being a team tasked in shock tactics, she did not have the field doctors or medics who would be more suited specialists to extract the data. Command must have messed up and mixed her up with her twin sister Lt. Lana who was in command of a rapid response rescue team.

In the corner of her eye, she spots some movement in the shadow. She scans the area but nothing is there. “This place is starting to spook me up.” she thought.

Her thoughts broke up when her scanners gave out a faint beep. Heat signatures were appearing at the other side of the wing. Someone else was here and they probably have detected Lt. Dara’s team already. She signals her specialists to move forward towards the objective. She then nods at the bikers and makes a gun signal down the hallway. The bikers nod in return and start up their engines knowing very well that Lt. Dara’s signal meant … “kill that way”.

As her bikers roared out and sped away, she couldn’t help but think “I have a bad feeling about this one.”

No Doctor in the HouseNo Doctor in the HouseNo Doctor in the HouseNo Doctor in the HouseNo Doctor in the HouseNo Doctor in the HouseNo Doctor in the HouseNo Doctor in the HouseNo Doctor in the HouseNo Doctor in the HouseNo Doctor in the HouseNo Doctor in the HouseNo Doctor in the House
Yu Jing

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