Control of Flamia Island

Peace it´s the path among humans

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Haroun Al-Rashid
VS PanOceania

In the face of death, men show their true nature

skillion it´s a location we can´t let alone, the hassassin bahran did an infiltration to support the recoinansse activities of our regular and irregular forces, this time its grim and we need to stop those who are driven by greed and proud, one strike to the heart and one to the head, our hassassins did a great strike on their commander and weak forces, but at the high cost of their lives, this brought us the time enough for evacuate and preventing unnecesary life loss, since we got a considerable pack of warriors there. The called Joan of arc was outrageous upon us all, but thank the heaven we stop it there saving more life, as the code says the one that saves one life, save the entire world.

Ragik did an splendid job by retrieving data and stopping at the expense of their life the advance of the reckless panoceania forces on the mount Aggarabath, called by them skillion.

some time you need to make a jump of faith to make what it´s right

Peace it´s the path among humansPeace it´s the path among humansPeace it´s the path among humansPeace it´s the path among humans

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