Control of Flamia Island

Kasum rides his luck again.

VS Nomads

T1 B : One Fiday failed it’s insertion roll while Al’Djabel almost took out the Bakunin’s beastmaster with his shotgun before being knocked down and out by one of the Morloks, surviving a Panzerfaust ARO in the process. On my left flank, Luis’s linked Moira HMG & Sniper removed the threatening Daylami Panzerfauster, then with its way forward clearer, the UberfallKommando gang bounced straight down the middle of the table tossing smoke and their bodies around. After a few well-placed ARO’s, the pack was trimmed down to the chimera and a single pupnik who decided to take on Tariq Mansur in CC while he nanopulsered them around the corner. Their viral CCW’s bounced off his armour and the Chimera fell unconscious.

T1 H: The turn started badly when the extremely impetuous Zamira Nazrova blinked, moved and died hard to the massed ARO’s of the Bakunin link, failing to drop covering smoke. On the opposite flank Kasum managed to avoid his little sister’s failure by exploiting a well place smoke ARO to park in B2B with a morlok where he switched off the engine, lit a cigar and waited, grinning at the little beastie. Holoecho’s deployed, the backup Bashi Bazouk saw her chance for mischief on the left flank, forcing a morlok to change facing but losing her echo’s in the process. ‘My turn’ muttered the Djanbazan standing up, booting MSV and steadily dismantled the entire Bakunin flank in 3 consecutive orders. The Moira Sniper, HMG then Morlok all fell. Bored and a little testy, Tariq coup’de gra’d the beastmaster (just in case) then a few more orders saw a full Haqqislam recover from the early onslaught as a lasiq moved up to cover the centre then everything with bullets hit suppression and braced for the counterattack.

T2 B: One morlok suicided to Kasum Beg and exploded into teeny pieces while the other ate enough viral ammo to kill a small nation, at the same time it managed to put the lasiq unconscious with its chain Rifle. The remains of Luis ‘ link team split to take care of the Bashi at one end then some unfortunate rolls saw a combi-rifled dude clipped by the djanbazan’ s supressive HMG fire through a white noise zone, though she survived the Armour rolls and lived to fight on.

T2 H: smeared with morlok intestines, kasum starts the clean up with a missed panzerfaust then a double-kill chainrifle shot, accidentally putting Luis into LOL while passing another 3 armour saves. Tariq pops forward, spitfires a Moira squarely in her pretty face then watches the local Muyib doctor become the Bakunin MotM spending 3 orders killing the unconscious Lasiq (thinking back I rolled a 17 which is a pass. Never mind). Finally kasum trundles across the field to exploit another dodge aro to end the turn once again in B2B, this time with the lone surviving Moira infantry woman, ready to strike.

T3 B: 3 irregular orders… No lieutenant. Not much happens except the loss of a cc roll, dying to Kasum and the laying of a mine.

T3 H: 8 orders to win from 4-1 down:
Kasum trims the remaining left flank hostile, giving me 3-1 quadrants (4-4) then troops disperse to secure everything from unexpected surprises. Finally Tariq and the idiot muyib secure Luis’ HVT for 5:4 win.

Surviving points: 209, Bakunin 19.
MVP Goes to Kasum Beg killing 6 and surviving 7 armour rolls, including 2 Antipersonnel mines as he drove around smashing dudes up. Honourable mention to the DJ HMG for doing what DJ HMG’s do – killing ODD link teams.

Kasum rides his luck again.Kasum rides his luck again.Kasum rides his luck again.Kasum rides his luck again.

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  • Terrordactyl says:

    Very cool, I’m looking forward to the finished pictures!

  • Iteken says:

    Hi Duds – thanks for all the kind words.

    The mat is supplied by the club mat maker and I’m working through a project to build a table full of neon scenery to go with it. There will be pics on the main infinity forums once it’s all done.

    Cmdr Iteken.

  • Shingen says:

    Congrats for the win. Intersting scenery you have there.

  • Sireen_Barakat says:

    Good job! Keep up the good work!

  • Terrordactyl says:

    Is that acrylic scenery homemade? I also really like that mat.

  • John Tenzer says:

    Well done, Commander. Try to bring in more games at ONZA, if you can…! 😉