Control of Flamia Island

Operation lycurgus: nomads? No problem part 4

VS Nomads
Lone nomad

“Camp secure” alessa said into her commlink. “Negative” replied a voice on the other end “we have radar contact of an inbound dropship heading to the camps south side. Could be trying to pick up survivors. You know your orders Alessa, no survivors. Commander pain out”.

Final mission the nomads are in retreat trying to escape the camp but they will learn a painfull lesson. No one escapes the phalanx.

Aleph win the roll goes 1st I deploy aggressively again holding the centre watching the middle landing pad.

Nomads split along the edges to divide my forces.

Turn 1 highlights aleph: the thorikites move onto the landing pad to cover the stairs with their smg’s. The myrmidons move towards the brigadas team and atlanta watches the alguciles.

Nomads highlights 1: the hmg algucile moves onto the platform and guns down the thorikites but goes down to atalanta the myrmidon team’s aro’s takes out a wildcat keeping the other 2 and the brigada from moving closer

Aleph 2: the myrmidons moves onto the platform shooting the algucile in the back then taking position on the edges in cover waiting for the brigada.

Nomads 2: the last algucile moves out but atlanta is quick on the draw and brings him down the last 2 wildcats and the brigada move in to cover and fires at my team but odd keeps them safe. The zero drops out of camo and fires at my team killing 1 instantly but atalanta manages to drop him quickly. The brigada uses his LT order to advance and uses his flamethrower on the team alessa dodges while her team member takes the fire and hits him with the nanopulsar. He takes a wound but the fire takes him out.

Aleph 3. Alessa doesnt spend her impetuous order shes in a bad spot unable to move due to flamethrower related problems so atalanta shifts her position just managing to draw LoF at the brigade and hits him with her DA rounds dropping him to uncouncious so alessa moves in to coup de grace him finishing off the nomads once and for all

Aleph victory sorry about no photos they were in my phone which got cut in half


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One Comment

  • Dropshort says:

    Nice little story you made to link those 4 battle reports together. Its amazing how a little effort can turn 3 or 4 stand alone games into something you feel invested in. Was a good read, well done sir.