Control of Flamia Island

Operation lycurgus: nomads? No problem part 3

VS Nomads
Lone nomad

Alessa’s team moves deeper into the camp system “check your corners watch your spacing” she says into her comlink it was a needless order she thought they were all skilled operatives of the A.S.S and knew their jobs well bit it comforted her to say it and this deep into enemy territory she needed to keep a clear head.

Game 3 alessa’ s squad has moved into the camp proper and now try to take out the nomad leader simple game this one kill the LT.

Aleph wins roll off goes 1st deployd aggresively on the left flank

Nomads counter deploy with a wall of aluciles and wildcats and a zero watching the street keeping the brigada hidden.

Aleph gurn 1 highlights. The myrmidon team pushes down the flank aggresively moving from cover to cover keeping the team safe while the leader guns down the nomads one at a time relying on odd to keep thrm safe. The zero pops out of camo and fired but they dodge smoke and get into cover while atalanta has a shootout with the zero, her spotbot giving her the edge.

Nomads turn 1. Order starved and hungry for vengrnce the brigada moves to get LOF on the team and puts 1 shock round into each member killing 2 of them with a lucky crit and a regular hit though alessa dodges the shot. With alessa out of the picture he guns down my thorikites who fail their dodges being far out of effective smg range.

Aleph 2 highlights: alessa has 1 chance go win she breaks cover with her impetous order and rushes the brigada dodging his shot she advances agin getting into melee with him but even after spending all orders only causes 1 wound due to his tough armour.

Nomads 3: the brawl contines between the 2 LT’s as they go blow for blow but the myrmidons skill shines through in the end and she dispatches him.

With the LT dead the camp is in disarray aleph win

Sorry about no photos phone was cut in half


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