Control of Flamia Island

Operation lycurgus: nomads? No problem part 2

VS Nomads
Lone nomad

With the patrol dealt with and no more threats of being flanked alessa and her team returned to the camp. They would hit the outskirts then regroup and make a push onto the main camp.

Aleph wins the roll off decides to choose deployment goes 2nd nomads deply a zero high on the left the alguciles take the high ground on the right covering the street with the hmg and the brigada and wildcats go in thr middle.

Atalanta deploys prone on my right with the thorikites and myrmidon on the left

Nomads turn 1 highlights. With no targets in sight they re position to cover the streets and advance towards the phalanx.

Phalanx turn 1 highlights. Atalanta peeks her head up and begins to snipe the nomads off takeing out the zero and hmg algucile. The myrmidon team moves up and fires at awildcat takeing him down.

Nomads turn 2. The brigada advances fireing him multi rifle shock ammo at the myrmidons but the link team bonus proves to much and he goes down to multiple combi rifle hits. The other 2 wildcats try their luck but meet the same result. Nomads decide to run and the game is called with another phalanx victory moving onto game 3

Sorry about no photos phone got destroyed


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