Control of Flamia Island

Operation lycurgus: nomads? No problem part 1

VS Nomads
Lone nomad

Officer alessa looked out at the nomad camp. It was impressive considrring it was built by the outcasts. But it will fall to the aleph like all the others. “Alert” said atalanta over the comms “patrol moving out from the north, could be an issue later”. “Agreed” she replied “lets practice on them before we hit our primary target. All units move out.”

Game 1 of a small campaign I did with my girlfreind 150pt annihilation to start.

Aleph wins roll off goes 1st deploys atalanta in the middle on a hill the 2 thorikites with her to protect her and the myrmidon team on the right.

Nomads put 3 wildcats and a zero in the centre around a tower and a mobile brigada on the left with 2 alguciles 1 had an HMG.

Atalanta starts things off by sniping into the aguciles splitting the burst between the 2 of them knocking both of them down with DA ammo. The myrmidon team advances laying down smoke to cover their advance. They end the turn behind a rock pile to hide from the prone zero.

Nomads respond by moving the mobile brigada over to the wildcats. The zero attempts to snipe off atalanta but fails and goes down.

Aleph turn 2. The thorikites advance in safety and the mtrmidon team rounds the rocks and officer alessa takes out a a wildcat.

Nomads 2. The mobile brigada movers over to the myrmidons and lights them up with his flamethrower all of them dodge and try to get closer to to engage the heavy infantry. He flames them again and 1 myrmidon goes down but bue alessa engages him.

Aleph 3. Alessa uses her impetous order now her link is broken to start to hit the brigada and after 3 more orders she finishes him off with a crit. She quickly dispatches the remaining wildcats securing an aleph victory.

Alessa looked around at the carnage they had caused. Part of her regretted the loss of human life but these nomads had chosen to abandon humanity and now acted in their own interest.
“Good work” she said into the comlink “return to the camp and prepare the attack”

Sorry about no photos they were in my phone which was cut in half


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