Control of Flamia Island

Operation prison escape

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VS Combined Army
Liz Wayne

The battle with the Combined Army small pockets of resistance still rages on. Which the Aleph denies that there are even Combined Army forces left on Flamia. Cause they want to claim Agoge is theirs and that Ariadna is a invader. But the plans of Aleph to let the Ateks die for their cause are exposed. There request for aid just an excuse to get rid of the Ariadnans who habe been a thorn in the side of yujing and panO, which Aleph serves. and the alien threat is still a reality if you do not clean up properly.

That is why it is a bit shamefull that a emergency hunt for escaped prisoners is the mission for today. Ariadna had captured a few aliens durin the campaign. To learn more about them, learn there weaknesses and their strengths. And it seems the Morat are very strong. Cause they got out of their cages. Now it is time to catch them, dead or alive.

[[The Battle]]
The Big Man: Luitenant, Report, what happened
Lt Terry: Well sir, It all went really fast. Seems a Daturazi was the first to hit our lines, went all out to reach our lines and kill off our grunts.
The Big Man: And did they.
Lt Terry: no sir, they did not. Although we lost Barry.
The Big Man: shame, he was a good kid.
Lt Terry: Then we counter attacked and Jerry went up and over. He gave is life sir, taking down a Daturazi and the feared Kornak.
The Big Man: You had them in the ropes then.
Lt Terry: Not at all sir. Still had there Yaogats in the field. Brian his rocket was a dud, so he went down to sniper fire.
The Big Man: But the unknown ranger was with you right?
Lt Terry: Yeah, he went after the yaogats and after some hard fought fire fights he took them down. But there was still one Daturazi on the board and he managed to kill off our beloved Ranger.
The Big Man: So a victory then.
Lt Terry: Sorta sir, we did not take that much ground in the process, but at least we got all the escapees.
The Big Man: Well done luitenant, return back to base.
Lt Terry: Sir yes sir!

Morats: 0 points alive and 0 objective points
Ariadna: 45 points alive and 1 objective point

Operation prison escapeOperation prison escapeOperation prison escape

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