Control of Flamia Island

Take out the head and the body will fall.

Yu Jing
VS PanOceania

Lately, the enemy has been getting the initiative on our forces.

Apparently Takeshi had attracted the attention of Joan due to reports of his prowess.

Pan O stormed forward taking a defensive postion in the center.

The Karakuri moved forward and were subsequently killed by a Total Reaction bot that just so happened never missed.!! All three lost in the first push.

COnfident, Pan O continued forward.. Now The Domaru approached in close quarters… REM down,,to double Chain Rifle, REM down to Double Chain Rifles, The Domarus step on the wreckage and proceed forward.. The Pan O hacker froze a Domaru in place, but not before doing a wound with doubel chain rifles.. Jane dodges out of the building, but little does she know that Takeshi woudl reach her and slay her!!!

Deferson watching in horror as his LT gets killed.. In loss of LT the AD combat troop shoots the brave Takeshi in the back with an HMG and he falls.. Mcpherson retreating and shooting the Domarr who resets, and takes cover.

The following turn, the Domaru Assaults the Pan O hacker with incredible ferocity!! So much that the Pan O suppressive fire missed him on approach. The Hackers Armor holds and the battle continues. The last Domaru dispatched the Ad Combat tropp and then Assaults Deferson.. He survives and teh battle is over.

Another close match.This time against a player who just came back after a long break,..

Victory hung in teh balance of the last blow. Mcfersons death would have made the whole difference.


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