Control of Flamia Island

Minus twelve in the jungle - a fiasco

Daniel Darko
VS Yu Jing

Yu Jing vs. ALEPH
ALEPH Report 02

###Team One, this is Commander Darko. – The plan is easy: This operation is divided in three phases. We take Phase 1 and 2 to hide and distract them and in Phase 3 we strike from the shadows and take the zones of operations with our reserves. Darko out.###

Phase 1 Yu Jing: 8 Orders minus 2 due to the strategic use of a Command Token.
With some coordinated Orders troops move up. The Hsien opens fire at the Naga, who successfully dodged it, just to realise, he is now in close combat range of a hidden Ninja. Critically wounded he goes down. The Aragoto Senkenbutai advances on a last combined order and lures our Lieutenant out of the shadows – a Dasyu. The chance, to get that spit fire out of the way, is just too tempting, but she fails.

Phase 1 ALEPH: 7 Orders
Our Lt pursues the Aragoto and takes him down, while a Chaiyi Yaokong stuns her. The Chances were low, but there were chances. Cursing the Dasyu seeks cover and camouflages herself.
Meanwhile: The Hsien is out in the open.

###Garuda Ten, this is Commander Darko. – That is our chance to take the Hsien Warrior out. His visor is just too annoying to be ignored!###
###This is Garuda Ten – the plan is to stay hidden and wait.###
###Change of plans. Move in and attack! Darko out!###

The Garuda enters the combat zone and starts firing at the Hsien. It takes too many orders but eventually the Hsien falls unconscious.

Phase 2 Yu Jing: 5 Orders
A Keisotsu who has been hiding behind a garage near the Hsien move up and knocks the Garuda Tactbot out in two orders. A Yaozao IN the garage closes in on the Hsien and the Warrior is back on his feet in no time. A TOCamo-Signal appears near our own – still hidden – Dasyu. Then some moving takes place. Nothing special.
Phase 2 ALEPH some Orders

### Lieutenant Crystal, this is Commander Darko. – You have some targets ahead. Move in and take them out.###
###This is Crystal – there IS still SOME resistance AND I am in charge down here. Aren’t there ANY other options?###
###It will work. Darko out.###

The Dasyu moves forward, readies her Nanopulser and shoots the Chaiyi Yaokong – twice. No effect on the target. BUT the Dasyu takes a wound. A Zhanshi had seen her for a second. She gets prone, cursing of course.

###It’s time to do something useful!### she says to herself.

The Dasyu then crawls towards the unconscious Biker and kills him with a coup de grâce. Then she crawls back into cover.

###Mission accomplished, Commander. By the way, who the [email protected]%k gives us such orders?###
###Well, uhm.. I.. uhm…that’s.. that’s classified! Now keep radio discipline! Darko out!###

Later this “phase” – out of curiosity the Dasyu shoots the remote a third time. The Nanopulser does not penetrate the BTS, again. Strange…

Now, the Masterplan:
Being threatened by the I-see-everything-Hsien, a Camouflaged something in our left flank und a Ninja still next to the unconscious Naga in front of everyone and invisible to the naked eye with Jungle and cover and TOCamo, it is time to take action! First action, our last trump – the hidden Dasyu – is going to kill the Hsien. From her point of view, he is in the open.
She reveals herself and shoots at him. HE manages to hit HER and she fails both armour saves – double action special ammunition. She drops dead…

Second action
###Team, this is Darko – on my mark move up to Zone of Operations one. We MUST take some ground…. And: GO! GO! GO!###

Combined Orders shift the remaining infantry into the jungle. They shoot and miss and get shot and die. Or become unconscious, just so we can waste another order on the Dakini Paramedic to let her record the death. Yes – Dakinis are female.

Phase 3 Yu Jing 6 or 7 orders
Commander Klokuh has his priorities and the Hsien his orders. All of them! He burns them – trying to kill our Lieutenant. Five or six orders later she finally dies. A last combined order shifts the Yu Jing forces into position.

Phase 3 ALEPH Loss of LT. Retreat. 4 Irregular Orders. No command tokens.

If we manage to kill the ninja, we can get the upper hand in the centre Zone of Operations. Everything else is impossible. The Myrmidon moves up and takes a shot with his Chain Rifle. ARO: The Ninja successfully engages him. No more chances. The rest moves up to even the points with the Ninja and the Yaozao, but the base of the Keisotsu is three quarters (!) in the centre Zone and because of that Yu Jing owns it. And it owns the other two, too. They didn’t manage to hack my HVT – but they change the classified objective to “secure HVT” and reach the pinnacle of points.
Yu Jing 10 points!

At least it’s getting better, this time we only lost by 10:1.

###Team One, this is Commander Darko – we only have a small reason to celebrate, but it is a reason! I am proud of you! Keep up the good … persistence. We rally at HQ for debriefing – Darko out!###

Minus twelve in the jungle - a fiascoMinus twelve in the jungle - a fiascoMinus twelve in the jungle - a fiascoMinus twelve in the jungle - a fiascoMinus twelve in the jungle - a fiascoMinus twelve in the jungle - a fiascoMinus twelve in the jungle - a fiascoMinus twelve in the jungle - a fiasco
Yu Jing

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