Control of Flamia Island

Magister Knights Fireteam 5, the Last Hurrah

VS Nomads

**PICS NOTE: Super Mixed Fix tomorrow.
**Game notes: No models were proxied, what you see is what you get here on my side (for once). Joan is my HVT.
**Game title is because HSN3 drops next week and that is the death of the pure 5-man Magister Fireteam, so this is its last hurrah for me before the book drops. They certainly did not disappoint, though I really need to remember to either put up Fairy Dust, or kill the dam hackers before they can ARO me. I got super, super lucky between Rest rolls and BTS saves, but it could have gone really, really badly for my Magisters.


Basic rundown was I went first and managed to find some angles to take out his major ARO pieces 1-on-1 with either my TO: Camo Sniper, or my Magister ML. So my Sniper killed his ML, and then re-camoed to sneak around and pop out to kill his sniper. With them gone the Magister ML poked out to trade shots with his Iguana and came out on top. The pilot ejected and ran away. I then moved way up to take control of my whole half of the board.

He moved up cautiously, but still took some unlucky AROs when I revealed a hidden Spec Srgt and didn’t gain much ground, though he took the Antenna on his side. I took no losses.

I took my Antena with my hacker, and then moved my Magisters up. An Infiltrator trys hacking them on the way up, but rolls go in my favor until I get one Magister into CC with him and blow him up. But in return he winds up Issolated and my Fireteam breaks. I reform it, move up more across the open right area and drop some guys into Suppressive Fire figuring I’ll hold the middle till 3rd turn, take the middle Antena with a still hidden Spc Srgt or Konstantinos. My revealed Spc Srgt drops a few mines to cover the flank he still has models on.

His turn he moves out his Iguana pilot that I totally forgot about and took out my Issolated Magister. He shoots at a few more Magisters but they dodge back behind cover to make him chase them. He brings his Pilot around the corner against my Spec Srgt, With the help of TO Camo and some lucky dice the Srgt takes out the pilot. He pops out a Specter on the Green building with the crate on it and takes out Kostantinos, but gets splattered by the MSV2 Spitfire in suppressive fire that I have there. The remaining Infiltrator tosses out a fast panda so she can hack into the center lane.

I try moving up the Magister Link, but keep getting hacked, and while lucky on the first ARO I decided to change gears and pull the Spitfire Srgt around the side to the unconscious Iguana Pilot to Coup de Gras and get my Classified, and then I take the central antenna with the other Spec Srgt I revealed. The Spec Srgt guarding the left flank tossed out another Mine. The Magisters made some progress up but ultimately I hunkered down to hold the 2 antenna I had because I had no orders in my small pool to get a Spec Srgt to the last antenna and take it.

Ultimately he couldn’t get through my remaining troops to take any more antennas, and couldn’t find an opportunity to Doctor one of his guys for his Classified.

It was a great game, always a fun opponent. Looking forward to a rematch.

Magister Knights Fireteam 5, the Last HurrahMagister Knights Fireteam 5, the Last HurrahMagister Knights Fireteam 5, the Last HurrahMagister Knights Fireteam 5, the Last HurrahMagister Knights Fireteam 5, the Last HurrahMagister Knights Fireteam 5, the Last HurrahMagister Knights Fireteam 5, the Last HurrahMagister Knights Fireteam 5, the Last Hurrah

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