Control of Flamia Island

Security Infringement

Durian Khaar
Johnny D.

Sorry I forgot my camera that day, and I am still waiting for my opponents army list.

Aleph Battlegroup was disturbed in server configuration, Haqqislam troops tried to investigate with wrong premises.
Game was Nimbus Zone 200pt.

Failing my Lt. Roll (never happened before with Haqq) my opponent decided to take sides and deploy first. I was very amazed by his choice, as it put me in perfect position to use my Fiday.

He only deployed a drone azura and a Proxy. Adding two Hidden Deployment and three Netrods. However upon delivering those Netrods he scattered every single one of them. two had been placed between the Nimbus Antenna and the Console, the other slightly ahead of his deployment zone.

Turn 1: He decided to steal two Orders off me, leaving me with 6 regulars + 2 irregulars (which I masterfully forgot….)+1 Impetious and my Lt. in a second command group.
First I activated my Fiday and let him “Boarding Shotgun” the Drone in Front of him. Then the Fiday swept in behind the farthest Netrod and killed that, too.
Having 3 Orders left, I tried to get my Shibab Drone into a better firing position, but was halted by a Posthuman in optimal Sniper position. Due to Nimbus Zone, Cover and TO Camo, the Drone would have only hit on 2s. However both units missed, leaving me to think about how to save this one. I decided to give the Drone Marksmanship Lvl2 Supportware, in Order to hit at least on a 5 with Total Reaction. With my last order, I moved my Hunzakut through the enemy LoF, discovering him, but reaching Total Cover at last. With the second shortskill I tried to take out both Netrods via Shotgun blast, but they were utterly hard to crack.

Johnny wagered whether he should try shooting against a Shibab and a Lasiq through the Nimbus Zone, and decided on another course of action. He uncloaked his Hacker and tried to avoid Sniper fire. He shot down my Hunzakut and wanted to grab the objective. Before doing so, he again changed his mind and took out first the my Shibab remote. However this had stripped him bare of his orders giving me the opportunity to gain initiative once more.

I started my second turn with 8 Orders 1 Irregular and 1 Impetous, using the last to get closer with my Ghazi and throwing some smoke, to shield from the Sniper. I proceeded to throw down smoke along my path and tried to chainrifle the two Netrods mentioned above, as well as the Hacker with an intuitive attack. I tried twice, wounding the Hacker and one Netrod, but having not yet secured any objective, I decided to move my doc into position. 3 Coordinated Orders had served to enforce my left flank near the Ghazi, supporting him with my Naffatun and having my Doctor close to the Hunzakut. The Naffatun then used two Orders to burn down the remaining Netrods and stripping the Hacker of first of his TO Camo, and later of his life. Even though I still did not fulfill any objectives, I had just prevented Johnny from possibly achieving any, by killing his last specialist. I moved my units into cover, so they would not be picked out by the sniper, and that was my turn 2.

Johnny decided to retaliate Azura marched up and shot first the Naffatun, then approached the Lasiq, who wounded Azura, but got himself killed by the Sniper in a Coordinated Attack. Then he shot my dear Ghazi. But, having only 3 Orders + Lieutenant Order at his disposal, Johnny only took out another Ghulam Rifleman, before ending his turn.

My last turn started with shooting at Azura. However I quickly decided this would not be a good idea. Instead I remembered that long skill called “cautious movement” which I often tend to forget. Using it, I got around the right flank with my Ghulam FO and disconnected an Antenna, thus securing victory. I then proceeded to the Console and tried THREE times to score 14 or less, but utterly failed (18, 20, 20). Hence, I had disconnected more Antennas than Johnny and secured a Console by the end of turn 3.

Johnny knew I could not change the game, so he wanted to rampage with his 3 Orders left. Azura killed my Doc. thus completly stripping my left flank of units. Then with his remaining orders, Johnny tried to take out my Ghulam FO on the right, just for shit and giggles. It turned out the Ghulams Flashlight was stronger, or at least quicker, than the Proxies Rifle. Thus the game ended with me controlling more consoles (1) and having disconnected more Antennas (1)

Durian Khaar

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