Control of Flamia Island

Wreckage road

Yu Jing
VS Ariadna
John Wharton

The overgrown highway between Zhurong and camp Antela was a mess wreckage of various outpost littered it hsien Liu looked again at the report after the combat with various forces the Ariadnans had put up a security cordon which had cut the road various “humanitarian aid convoys had been stopped from getting through to both Narooma and towards the south east at the shipping points to Onza the cordon was tight loking at the team she had assembled, the massive Guija tag stood out with this we will break through to the other units reopening the supply lines allowing us to use the land routes to evacuate and move personnel.

the troops under her command move swiftly forwards knowing an Aridnan patrol was up ahead taking decent positions the tag also stomped up the road getting ready to provide covering fire, a boa moved forward dicovering a lurking Arioadnan soldier putting a single shotgun round through his head it was all going well….
With a howl two huge Antipodes burst from cover the tag blew one apart even as it made round the bunker to the left of the road and another past it even as the Tags AP HMG rounds tore it apart, the second got closer the covering Escort remote managed to drop it, a close call. a link team on the left moved up and start to pepper the troops on the left with rounds incoming the sahoalin attempted to throw and dodge with smoke but all the cannisters where duds Sabotage! it must ahve been a boa trooper went down two monks went down as did the Kuang shi controller all seemed caught dead footed and chewed up only a single bao trooper was left on the left, the kuangshi on the left took some rounds on its armour and a kuangshi behind and to the right of it also got taken off his feet by a sniper round, two ariadnans at the top of the bunker both revealed them selves both getting ripped apart by gunfire from the tag and from the remote watching them.

with casualties mounting hisen Li ordered the tag forward it burst forward and blew apart several ariadnans chewing through 5 of them only to be winged by a stray pistol round from the desperate sniper only to advance and catch a pistol round herself van Zant burst out from the right swinging his axe twice and then cutting the throat of the pilot only to be brought down by chain rifle and pistol rounds, it was looking desperate redeploying the remote led to the centre lui then turned a corner only for her Hmg to jam “sabotage” she thought even as a missile threw her like a rag doll leaving her bleeding and unconcious but with this done the remote earned its keep gunning down the rest of the link team on the left, with the smoke clearing both sides withdrew and emergency case-vac began..
a hard experience but someone would pay for the duff rounds Li thought as she was rushed to the emergancy aid station at Zhurong.
a report handed to her showed that help had been afforded to the ariadnans from a strrange corner the knightly orders had been providing tactical assistance to the enemy during the engagment, Li looked across out the aid station window seemed she had made an enemy in Onza and now was being chased by them.

Wreckage roadWreckage roadWreckage roadWreckage roadWreckage road

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  • McQuag says:

    yeah wanted to give him a chance to use his multi-terrain skills also I get bored of playing on endless similair Built up boards.

  • No.33 says:

    Looks like a pretty intense field to play on.

    Still, the important thing was that fun was had by all involved.

  • McQuag says:

    yeah… gonna keep geting those games in 🙂 this was a really tough one.

  • KasCer says:

    Keep fighting to the end, huh? 😉