Control of Flamia Island

Operation Aranda O Plomo: Hunting Rebels

VS PanOceania


Deployment in the Aranda Astrologistic Facilities against rebel PanOceania forces.

Deploying to the South Western satellite complex NCA response team Alaris deployed to complete our primary objectives at 19:00. We accepted responsibility for a Cerberus Corporation HVT who was inspecting the damaged security systems in the complex.

Contact was made with the rebel PanOceania force in the Aranda facility, and NCA response team Alaris engaged. Our primary objective was to capture or kill the enemy forces and eliminate their commanders.

Central command assigned us the classified objective of penetrating the data network of an enemy HVT to obtain logistical data and this mission was completed by Fusilier Hacker Benjamin [REDACTED]. We were also assigned the classified objective of obtaining telemetry on one of the enemy troopers so that their unit can be targeted for orbital bombardment, which was completed by Auxilia Observer Sarah [REDACTED].

The enemy took up superior positions but we seized the initiative and established a positive operational tempo with our supporting Aquila Guard Fire Support Officer eliminating his opposing number immediately while the Bulleteer drew the Croc Man hacker out of ambush and allowed Fusilier Hacker Benjamin to kill him. The Fugazi then moved into range and allowed Hacker Benjamin to immobilise the rebel Montessa. Our Bulleteer and Pathfinder advanced into covered positions between the two apartment buildings, eliminating one rebel Auxilia before we deployed suppressive fires across the table.

The rebel Konstantinos successfully engaged our Bulleteer and Pathfinder drones, eliminating each swiftly. However the deployment of Hexas Agent “Louise” in a high overwatch position prevented the second enemy Auxilia from effectively engaging our Aquila.

We repaired the Bulleteer and upgraded its targeting software, but despite this it was again eliminated by Konstantinos. Auxilia Sarah then advanced up to the surviving Auxilia and the Montessa, killing both. The enemy responded with a para assault, which cost Fusilier Gunner Alexa [REDACTED] her life but was halted by accurate fire from Hacker Benjamin.

Auxilia Sarah then moved to the top floor of the warehouse, killing the enemy commander and taking the required telemetry data from the inactive AuxBot below. Hacker Benjamin meanwhile redeployed to the right flank and penetrated the data network of the enemy HVT. The surviving Croc Man attempted to eliminate Hexas “Louise” and was unsuccessful but did critically wound our Aquila Guard.

Our supporting Aquila Guard Fire Support Officer was wounded and Fusilier Gunner Alexa has been cubevac’d but no other casualties were suffered during this engagement. All three support Drones were damaged, the Pathfinder beyond repair while the Bulleteer and Fugazi require workshop repair.

Intercepted com chatter indicated the rebel force was attempting to terminate a member of our team with extreme prejudice and penetrate the personal data net of our Cerberus Corporation HVT, but were ultimately unsuccessful. We request the deployment of Hexahedron agents to examine the scene and ensure that this was not a ruse to distract from some other purpose.

Operation Aranda O Plomo: Hunting RebelsOperation Aranda O Plomo: Hunting RebelsOperation Aranda O Plomo: Hunting RebelsOperation Aranda O Plomo: Hunting RebelsOperation Aranda O Plomo: Hunting RebelsOperation Aranda O Plomo: Hunting RebelsOperation Aranda O Plomo: Hunting Rebels

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