Control of Flamia Island

Fighting the Anarchists on Tian Xian

VS Nomads

Tian Xian its a location in turmoil, since nomads claim some military control, haqqislam pretend to negotiate their position with the anarchist to get some temporal sovereign over the astroport city, acording to admiral JCFC command and the orders given by high command made a setup on the location annihilating any oposition on sight, this time we find the nomads where we field the Aquila Guard Termic Optical Operative in heavy armor that dealt with most of them, specially the dangerous sin eater hyperdinamic troop that shoot a lot in the reactive turn. but thanks to the camouflage we outbest them and control after a dangerous begining the location, also killing them with some predjuice. 7-3

Aquila guard its a TO camo troop in heavy armour that could carry a missile launcher with ease and get out of sight to be deployed whenever its most important, this was a very important piece of sucess on the battle by his blast shoot that tears enemies down.

Fighting the Anarchists on Tian XianFighting the Anarchists on Tian XianFighting the Anarchists on Tian XianFighting the Anarchists on Tian Xian

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