Control of Flamia Island

Sun Tze violated Agoge borders - and got violatet himself

VS Yu Jing

Played 300 Pts Antenna Field with 12 Pts Spec Op

So this war continues… What else would we do but stay on the battlefields defend what we achieved with our blood, sweat and tears? What do you think?!
Minuteman Lt. Jace Prouds was looking on the screen in his command room on Agoge. After Ariadna took over Agoge again, they deployed heavy defense forces everywhere to make sure Agoge keeps where it belongs to – as long as this was isnt over, Arianda will not leave unprotected any inch of Agoge. Today, it was one of those Hyper Powers who patrolled bye and violated the borders of Agoge – again.
Imperial service troops entered the communication facilites on the north side, they were led by Sun Tze personally who led Imperial Agents, Invincibles, Kuang Shi and even a Sophotec into battle. Sun Tze immediately opened fire on the two Grunts who protected the borders. The Grunts opened their Flamethrowers and killed an Imperial Agent that hid behind his leader but Sun Tze was protected by his armor and killed the two Grunts. Then he aggressively approached and fired on the heavy weapon Grunt team member who was positioned in a doorstep east to Jace´s command room. This time, Sun Tze was hit by the bullets and jumped into cover. The Celestial Guard led here four Kuang Shi closer to the eastern antenna and covered her fellow Kanren with smoke to make their advance safer when he took over the Antenna.
Jace ordered his Marauder Heavy Weapon Harris team, who was his personal guard to step forward and the heavy rocket launcher wiped out a Bao Sniper who just positioned on the roof of one of the Agoge buildings. Then the Sniper Teammate discovered the Kanren who was controlling the antenna. This was the time when the Unknown Ranger stepped in. Together with the Maverick and two Foxtrots he approached towards the Kanren position and opened fire with his Molotok. Nothing remained from the Kanren but suddenly, a Ninja appeared and fired a round of Arrows towards the Unknown who jumped into cover, firing a round of bullets in the direction he expected the Ninja tob e. After a second of silence he rammed another magazine into his Molotok and stepped out of cover again. He pulled the trigger but he couldnt even see the Ninja when another Arrow struck his Armour and pierced through his chest… The Unknown disappeared heavily wounded when he got support by the Grunt Fireteam. The HMG fired rounds into the Sophotec who was positioned far west to force her into cover before he opened fire on the Ninjas position. He didn´t see the soldier either, but the HMG just covered the full area with bullets. The Ninja went down, bleeding. „Now, where is your camo?!“ he shouted angrily. The team advanced and wiped out two oft he Kuang Shi with their Shotguns while advancing.
On the other side of the battlefield, a Foxtrot revealed himself to open fire on Sun Tze who, in his arrogance he did not even look into the direction of the USARF Soldier. He payed with his life for this mistake…

Cut down to halves the Yu Jing Army was just covering themselves under smoke to advance up the western flank to protect the last Antenna they had.

Jace ordered his personal guard to open fire on Sophotec and Wu Ming and the Rocket launcher made quick work of them. Then, a Hardcase sneaked around a corner and sniped down a Celestial Guard Spec Op with his Bow. The last remaining Wu Ming was taken out by the Grunt Team in cooperation with a Foxtrot Observer who not only took over the Mid Antenna but also blinded the Wu Ming so the Grunt Team advanced protected and opened fire on the Wu Ming from short distance – no chance. „Area cleared, Sir!“ Sergeant Rob Crane reported over Coms. „Great work men, return to base and stay standby!“ Jace answered. He didn`t expect anything else…

Sun Tze violated Agoge borders - and got violatet himselfSun Tze violated Agoge borders - and got violatet himselfSun Tze violated Agoge borders - and got violatet himselfSun Tze violated Agoge borders - and got violatet himself

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  • Wingman says:

    Yea… I screwed him up. Really that was my fault, I shot at the Ninja twice with the Ranger who had no cover while I had my HMG in cover just behind the ranger…

  • Cabaray says:

    Cool report and nice pics. Wiping out the Yu Jing. What do you of the Ranger? The ninja made short work of him.