Control of Flamia Island

Lead Shoes

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Yu Jing
VS PanOceania
Harri Seldon

Bad selection of troops by my side. I would tets the haris fireteam of hsien and zhangyings (with 2 pheasants miniatures as a proxies). I start the game with the usual 2 orders less. How I have only 11 orders, I spend all my turn shoting and killing the total reaction with my hsien.

I based my list around the Multi spectral visors, my foe use multiterrain trops and have better movility than me.

his nisse and Jeanne d’arc move killing my ruishi, 2 zhanyings, the lu duan.

I move my ninja in my turn but i forget he have multiterrain, yes… I am a stupid :_( , run and contact with the nisse but the nisse pass his armour tests.

The sophotectos heal one zhanying but fail with the second and roll a 19, the dangerous enviroment attacks the sophotecto and win a beautiful wound… 🙁

the pacemaker shot to the combat between the nisse and the ninja and fail hitting his friend, roll the dice and fall to the ground. the ninja laught until Jeanne d’arc appears han shot to the ninja who dies.

In my last turn I have only a few orders, move my Hsien and my shophotect but only reach the first line of terrain. A crocman shot and kill my sophotect and Jeanne use er spitfire and kill my hsien.

very sad ending for my no-fear hsien and all my army.

Lead ShoesLead ShoesLead ShoesLead ShoesLead Shoes
Harri Seldon

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