Control of Flamia Island

Disruption at Onza

VS Haqqislam
Haroun Al Rashid

The Nimbus zone its a dangerous issue on battlefield since it affects all the shooting, our detachment at onza was holding a position where the forces of haqqislam moved by a strange intention attacked us without notice, first we though they were the combined army, then they were mind washed by septorization but was the very haqqislam army that claim the sovereign over Onza location that its supposed to belong to O-12, they have a veil of traders negotiators but sent the worst of their killer to disrupt our location and claim the life of our operatives, at first the disruption on the air prevented us from an effective defense while the evacuation operation begin, as long the veil was down the shoot intensifies and we manage to control some of the position and download the data, thankfully we killed most of their sniper and ground forces we did manage to advance in the last turn to retreive the data from 3 consoles and get out of the location, saddly there was nothing to be repaired for test run.

We require some support for extract our forces from here, since haqqislam its crazy about the combined army and blame us for their desperation to preserve their only holding on flamia.

Disruption at OnzaDisruption at OnzaDisruption at OnzaDisruption at Onza

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