Control of Flamia Island

Once upon a time a T.A.G. ...

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Alexander Wallach
VS PanOceania

After the fight against humans in Narooma, the few Tohaa survived took refuge in the inner island and so reached the mountainous area called “Mount Skillion”. There, they added to others Tohaa squads already allocated in the nearby. This time, the force guided by a brave Rasail girl marched towards the mountains, but they met the humans of Panoceania. The war to control the Mount raised up!

The Rasail girl splits the army in three main parts. The first is formed by the Kerail with a Surda Symbiobeast deployed in the right side of the Tohaa field, covered by the trees and the rocks. Near it is hidden a Clipsos girl forward observer. In the center of the field, the second block is formed by a Triad grouping the Hacker Aelis Keesan+Kamael (paramedic)+Makaul (with swarm grenades), hidden behind a long house; inside the house, there were a Chacksa with SHRL and the Kaeltar (Coc). On the other side of the long house was placed the second Triad grouping the Kosuil+Kumotail+Makaul. The third part of the Tohaa army was formed by the same Rasail girl+Chacksa Peripheral, hidden by a wood, covering the left flank. In the rear, over a container, the Chacksa with HMG is deployed prone; otherwise, in the center of the deployement zone, a Clipsos equipped with sniper rifle awaited inside a small house.

Tohaa Turn 1: the Triad led by the Kosuil advances towards the console in the left Quadrant, covered by the ZVS Grenades. The Engeneer is able to hack the console and then the whole Triad search a shelter behind the big rock in the middle of the field (Ndr.: this is the only important action in this turn, due to the bad dice rolls to hack the console and the consequent waste of orders…).

PanO Turn 1: the Jotum moves behind the houses in the rear of the human field trying to provoke the Tohaa’s ARO. So he enters in LOF of the Chacksa with HMG wich shoots the T.A.G. With the first fire, both fail their intentions, but then the Chacksa is killed, failing the arm rolls. During the turn, the Jotum moves through the right side of the PanO player and enter in Lof of the Triads led by the Kosuil. The Engineer uses his K1 combi to hit the T.A.G. but today the bad luck is the Tohaa companion…and he fails the shots. The others link-team members fail the dodge/arm rolls….in short, the Triad is killed. Then is the turn of the Chacksa with SHRL to engage fire with Jotum….but he fails all the dice rolls and is killed too. On the other side, a Hacker tries to crawl out from a building to hack the console in the right Quadrant in front of the human deployment zone, using the mess made by the Jotum, but he is intercepted by the Clipsos with sniper rifle and is killed. Unfortunately, the Clipsos is killed too by the Jotum.
So the first turn ends with a lot of Tohaa killed (Ndr.: the dead men are showed in the last picture below) and the result is 2-1 for PanO.

Tohaa Turn 2: using a Command Token the Kaeltar is moved to the first group. Then, on the right side appears the Clipsos forward observer, who reaches the console in this area, hacking it. In this part of the field the Kerail and his Beast advance to cover the zone. On the left side, the Rasail engages fire with a Croc man appeared aver a roof top in front of the console in this area, killing it. The Jotum shoots the Rasail but it wounds only the Chacksa Peripheral. Meanwhile, the Triad led by Aelis advance trying to reach the Rasail, but they can’t get too close due to the end of orders.

PanO Turn 2: in front of the Clipsos forward observer a Nisse appears, trying to climb a tall building. The Clipsos woulds to stop it, but she is killed. The Nisse reaches the rooftops and tries to shoot the Symbiobeast and the Kerail but they survive. On the other side, the Jotum is able to kill the Rasail and kills also Aelis, who fails all shoots with the K1 combi. The humans are able to hack the console in their left side of the field and place a D-Charge on it.
The turn ends: 5-2 for the humans.

At the beginning of the Tohaa third turn, there are only 71 points of aliens on the field, so they enter in the Retreat! state and the game ends.

Once upon a time a T.A.G. ...Once upon a time a T.A.G. ...Once upon a time a T.A.G. ...Once upon a time a T.A.G. ...Once upon a time a T.A.G. ...Once upon a time a T.A.G. ...Once upon a time a T.A.G. ...

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