Control of Flamia Island

Losing track

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The mission report from this skirmish have been lost, or never reported. What is known is thi: The ALEPH forces followed the remainder of the PanOceania extraction forces retreating back to Sagres Orbital Tracking Station. The first team that fought against the Tohaa forces was written of as MIA, as the extraction force had to abort their mission. The PanOceania forces thought there would be reinforcements to meet them, and the large presence of PanOceania forces in Sagres would deter ALEPH and commander FRED to push into the station. They were not. ALEPH AI decided to fight PanOceania for control of some of the tracking stations in Sagres. And while doing so they took out the remainder of the extraction force, and the few reinforcing guards stationed around the control panels for the tracking stations. Wheter or not the Hyperpower came back in and regain control of the tracking stations is unknown at this time.

Yet another fun game, and I thought I had it, till the very last roll of the game! And I think that is how it should be! Very exciting, but I still need that win!

Losing trackLosing trackLosing trackLosing trackLosing trackLosing track

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