Control of Flamia Island

This Land Is Ours! (reprise)

Michele Giammarroni
VS Tohaa

War on Flamia Island has come to a null point.
All Factions did their best, but after 78 days of combat no one really conquered the key points.
Nomad Nation have nothing to do, except defending the Spaceport, that rightfully belongs to US. And to us ONLY.

Tohaa. Damn Aliens.
They came in pretending to be on our side. We’ll help Human kind in it’s struggle against C.A., they said. Yah, whatever.
But they keep on trespassing in OUR LAND. That cannot be.

For a good ambush, all you need is a good position. And Camos. A lot of it.
So, that was the plan. Kill’em al. Deliver a message. That we, the Nomads, own that place.

The mission was Highly Classified.
Main Objectives were: Extreme Pregiudice (Yeah), Datascan (Hell Yeah), HVT Retroengineering (Damn, got no Engineer), Sabotage (DAMN! got no D-Charge!)
Secondary Objective: Telemetry (TRIPLE hell yeah, i’m full of F.O.)

So. Here we were, waiting for them.
They came up like they didn’t care. Two snipers on the tower, guided missile launchers, holoprojectors. “Good”, Leutenant Morgant said. “It’s gonna be fun. Make’em blind”.
“Got it”
On the sign, jaguars created a smoke courtain to cover the Intruder’s attack. “Down goes one”. “And down goes the second, boss. You’re welcome”.

The fight begun.
Using smoke, the intruders fired several shots, while the Spektrs and Zeros came forward. The enemy’s snipers went down first, Morgant’s tactics are pretty straightforward as we all know.
A number of laser lights flashed towards the right flank, our observers where seeking targets. They found a group…but…a couple of them vanished! “holoprojector in the open field. Shut him down”. We saw the rockets go airborne and then land right on the target. “Good job, seekers. Now take cover”.

That was a great start, 4 enemies were on the gound. We felt invincible. “Skyhawk reporting, smoke is being dispersed by the wind, I’m on my way to waypoint B. Whatthafuck!” The enemy moved from our left flank. A group opened fire on our intruders. A dot of red light, a flash, a strong whistle and then a boom. The top of the building was embraced by flames. Such a bad way to die…

“Regroup! Let’s get this thing done fast!” So we did. Skyhawk 2 fired back from his nest, with his friend’s body burning at his feet. “One more is down”.
Their medics were helping friends. Bad idea, snipers just love those kind of situations. Once more we focused on the right flank. Once more lasers searched for targets, once more missiles and sniper rifles made the job done.

“They tried to surprise us. Don’t let them try again. Let’s finish it, Stempler, Renato, go for the kill”. Stempler and Zero moved fast. Renato was a good hacker, he sustained fire while completing the Data Scan, right in the middle of the field. So much courage…we received datas. “objective complete, sir”.
Stempler Zond went down the right side. Those REMs are such a great commodity…I guided it as fast as I could, while the enemy was starting to retreat. I just had to throw it on the unconscious enemies, to be sure they were dead. The biofeedback made me feel the impact of bullets on my metal skin.
I avoided a missile directed to my wheels ad finally smashed through the bones of a skinny alien.
“Extreme Prejudice Confirmed, sir.”

We watched them fall back. We are no Foolish PanO, you fools. We see the game you are playing with humanity. You’re just like everyone else: enemies.
And Nomads know how to deal with enemies.

Michele Giammarroni

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