Control of Flamia Island

Critical supplies recovered in Aranda

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Dr Jarko Malone
VS Yu Jing

Aranda, Supplies 300pts Bakunin sectorial.

This time our troops were deployed in Aranda to recover some critical supplies under control of the Combine Army while the Morats guarding they were out busy battling filthy Panoceanian troops (at least they serve well as a lure), apparently our informers were not the only ones aware of that opportunity, when we arrive there a Japanese sectorial troops were already in the proximity, but the superior skill in info-war tactics by the lieutenant Custodia grant the Nomads troops the initiative. Under the cover of the aggressive Morlocks both specialist Zeros manage to unlock the tech coffins and recover two supply boxes, running after that to a hidden position safe from the JSA strike.
In the next turns the strike of the Japanese was focus on the Morlocks and the moderators who advance to cover the objectives, but despite their attacks being deadly precise, the fire power of Nomad’s Reaction Zond and the Moira’s HMG was good enough to balance the causalities for both sides and also avoid any enemy troop to reach the centre coffin, or that looked like until a sneaky ninja pop out of nowhere and crawl to the centre coffin recovering the last supply box. Luckily enough for the nomads that ninja was also a hacker, so the custodia easily throw a repeater close to the skirmisher position and brainblast her, negating the box for the Yu Jing troops and with the Reverends positioned covering any advance to that box de mach was settle as a victory for the Bakunin detachment.

Great game, this time the crits were on my side. Thanks to Doron92 for a fun battle.
Also burger and good beer available 😀

Critical supplies recovered in ArandaCritical supplies recovered in ArandaCritical supplies recovered in ArandaCritical supplies recovered in Aranda
Dr Jarko Malone

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