Control of Flamia Island

First agression, total failure!!

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Dr Jarko Malone
VS Yu Jing

First incursion in the battlefield of Flamia island and it didn’t went well. Terrible defeat against our main enemy Yu Jing.
My troops weren’t ready and they lacked preparation (off topic advise, don’t do your list in 5 min before leaving for your game).

The enemy advanced and capture the 2 consoles close to his deployment zone, a few fire interchange were I in a very stupid move reveal my Intruder sniper and it get killed by a O-Yoroi TAG. also the same O-Yoroi kill my total reaction remote. not the best start…
One of my Morlock run as fast as she can against the enemy TAG blind it with smoke, and get in close combat with it attacking with his E/MCCW!!! and go totally smashed by the sword of the O-Yoroi 🙁 . Meanwhile the only Morlock alive cover the field with smoke allowing my specialist to activate both consoles. A few fire exchanges ends with a Reverend custodia out of action close to one of the consoles but my lieutenant the Interventor (jazz hands girl) using a Stempler Zond as a repeater manage to isolate Domaru Takeshi “Neko” Oyama, the enemy Lieutenant and also immobilize the O-Yoroi. But the enemy was smart enough to have some command tokens to bring back the isolated Oyama avoiding the lost of lieutenant, and after this point in the game everything started to go wrong (for my troups). My Lunokhod gets killed under the fire of a enemy rocket launcher (and my Sin-eater decided not to ARO at all, my bad…). The Zero Forward observer advanced to attack the back of an engineer and kill the rocket launcher doing a surprise attack just to be killed by a crit at 4. (not the worst one of the game). The Morlock that remains alive runs to the central building to chainrifle the enemy link team of Keisotsu Butai and manage to put down 2 of them while dying in the fire back. (not bad though, but still one enemy specialist alive in the building). The Tomcat engineer infiltrate trough a border to take down the enemy doctor from outside and activate one of the consoles in the enemy zone. but die terribly for a crit of the enemy engineer 32 inches away 8he need a 1, he scored a 1) so that plan its out. and now runing low in orders and with the enemy forces heavily outnumbered me the last turn becomes a massacre, (a few other crits extra to add more fun to the game 😀 ). by the end of my last turn only remains alive the cute Zondcat that lost their pal Tomcat, and 4 of the 5 consoles fall at enemy’s hands. Complete defeat!

Despite the terrible result the game was so much fun!! my rival its a great player and an amazing guy. And he totally deserved this victory, because he played way better than me. So even if the result hurts a lot (0 points sniff sniff) the game was a blast! looking forward to repeat (hopefully with a better result next time).

First agression, total failure!!First agression, total failure!!
Yu Jing

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