Control of Flamia Island

The eagle flight high to the mountain

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Yu Jing
Matsu Li
VS PanOceania


The warriors of the guilang enter to the skillion to monitorize the activities there, an expeditionary forces of the sacred imperial state to deal with enemy, a pitywe were ambushed, but thanks to our Multi specter visor we managed to deal out with the crocmen, but the firefight was very intense and the terrain didnt allow us to move much more than we expected. we hold the ground for a while and managed to get some of the control panels but they manage to confuse us with holoproyector generator with a heavy troop we could not hack back. What a row of infortunate events, for now they get the day but they wont see the eagle fall upon their head when fall from the sun.

Yu Jing 3 Panoceania 8


The eagle flight high to the mountainThe eagle flight high to the mountainThe eagle flight high to the mountain

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