Control of Flamia Island

Purging the Power Plant

Combined Army
VS Nomads

Another redeployment takes me away from my recently acquired territory in the Astroport and sees me patrolling at the Zhurong Power Plant. Before long we discover an encroaching force of Nomad soldiers and the Combined Army squad prepares to repel the human troops.

Once again catching their foes flat footed the Combined Army force opens the hostilities with the Kurgat driving the Iguana back behind the nearby building giving himself an open corridor and he moves to the nearby console though his initial attempt to gain access in denied. On the other flank the Fraacta moves up to another console, with her attempt succeeding instantly gaining vital access for the EI. The Kurgat finally manages to access his and sets up covering the Nomad approach. With two consoles safely controlled the Umbra moves to attack the central room opening the doors and covering the room from the doorway. The Maakrap moves up to add more covering fire to the unclaimed console near the Nomads and while an Interventor manages to hit the alien his armour easily absorbs the impact of the rifle round. The Rachio catches an Alguacil out in the open catching him with several AP/Shock rounds. The Morat pilot spreads his fire between the distant Grenzer and Iguana. The nimble sniper dodges the rounds, but the Nomad TAG takes some minor damage to his machine.

The Grenzer then loads his DA rounds and opens fire at the Kurgat knocking the Morat engineer unconscious while his armour and cover saves him again from the Multi-HMG fire from the Combined Army TAG. The Revered Healer runs toward a console dodging the oncoming rounds from the Fraacta and easily gains control of the systems. The Grenzer sends his rounds toward the Rachio hitting the war machine but failing to penetrate the thick armour. The Interventor sends more rounds at the Maakrep unwilling to leave the safety of her cover but again is unable to pierce the aliens armour. This set a bit of a trend for the Nomads with the Iguana’s rounds at the Rachio also failing to damage the Combined Army TAG. Finally on the other flank the other Interventor advances dodging the plasma rounds from the entrenched Unidron.

The Umbra moves to claim control of the central room securing it for the EI. With both Combined hackers occupied the Ikadron is sent across the field to harass the enemy HVT, but is held back waiting for the covering fire of the Iguana to be cleared away. Several busts of fire are exchanged between the Rachio and the Nomad TAG and sniper until finally the Grenzer is caught but several rounds and drops lifeless to the ground. The Morat pilot then concentrates his fire at the Iguana causing more structural damage but failing to bring the machine down.

The Iguana returns fire trying to avenge his fallen teammate but the Combined TAG’s armour plating makes a mocker of his rounds, until finally a round catches an exposed cable causing some minor damage. An Alguacil tries to clear an approach to the central room by taking out the two Unidrons but his shot goes wide and the answering plasma rounds catch him before he can duck back behind his cover and the man crashes to the ground unconscious. The Iguana renews the TAG battle but again the Rachio’s armour proves to be too much, while the pilots ring with the sound of rifle fire ricocheting off his own machines armour. The Iguana in his haste to hit the Maakrep who dared to attack him manages to miss his targets completely with his fire going well wide of the Rachio and the Maakrep safely ducking into the central room. The paramedic Alguacil moves to assist his fallen comrade but the Fraacta’s fire while inaccurate is enough to send the soldier into a nearby covering archway.

Suddenly the Med Tech Obsidon Medchanoid springs to life, streaming across the battle field until it reached the damaged Combined TAG repairing it and fulfilling the Classified Objective given to it before the encounter began. The Fraacta moves to a better position and opens fire on the nearby Nomad troops. The Reverend Healer takes a critical wound from the fire and is caught by the second round leaving her slumped over her console, the paramedic however proves to be quicker than the Fraacta hitting her with his rifle fire and triggering survival mode. An Unidron advances to a better position threatening the approach to the wounded Alguacil and the Rachio sends more ineffective fire toward the Nomad TAG continuing their ongoing grudge match.

Realising time is against them now the Nomads begin to take risks with the female Interventor finally making a dash for the console exposing herself to the Rachio who answers her risk with an explosive round leaving little of her to be mourned over. Sensing their mission well beyond their grasp the remaining Interventor sends a Fastpanda and hacks the Unidrons running Gotcha! leaving the batroids struggling to reset and taking the pressure off a Nomad withdrawal. The Iguana fires one last burst at the Rachio renewing the recently repaired damage before the Nomads are forced to withdraw badly mauled leaving the Combined Army in possession of the field.

Victory for the EI!!

Purging the Power PlantPurging the Power PlantPurging the Power PlantPurging the Power PlantPurging the Power PlantPurging the Power Plant
Combined Army

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