Control of Flamia Island

Makauls are the Best


We played Engeneering Deck in Narooma. My Opponent played the Steel Phalanx and he has to begin with Turn one. He moved with his Dactyles to his Mission Goal on his right and made the first Point. On his left the Thorakites moved to the second Mission Goal and the Engineer connected it. In my first turn i managed to connect the two Consoles on my half. In the second turn Aleph shot Le Muet to the dead state. And two of my linkteams broke. His Myrmidones with his LT in it moved to a Building on my right. My Makaul on this side was alone. Hethrowed a grenade and advanced to the Building. He shot with his Flamer and roasted a Myrmidone. The other ones dodged away. Then he advanced and killed the LT and one more Myrmidone. On his last Turn my Opponent killed the Makaul but he was Lost of LT. He tryed to open the Mission Room but there was no Trooper to move in it. I throwed a grenade with my last Makaul and he moved into zhe Mission Room. So I earned three more points an the Game was mine.

Makauls are the BestMakauls are the BestMakauls are the BestMakauls are the Best

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